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Friday, January 1, 2016

A Year in Review!

I must say that I can't complain about this past year. 2015 was a pretty good to me. There were lots of trips, I started this blog, there was heart break and there was laughter. It all boils down to 365 days of adventure and lessons learned. Now we can only reminisce and turn to the new year and take advantage of the fresh start we are given. So this is what 2015 looked like for me:

Monterey || Tahoe || Boston || 
London || Tahoe || New York || 

Gingham || Sage Green || Rose Gold || Crochet Bikinis || Minimalist Jewelry || 

Speedy 30 || Burberry Mollorie Dress (similar) ||Dolce Vita 'Ohana' Boot (similar) ||
Kendra Scott Katie Earrings (different colors here and here) || 

I finished my first half marathon in San Francisco! Definitely going to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon again this year!

#1 The Intern || #2 Pitch Perfect || #3 Spy

Every year I make a list of things that I want to accomplish throughout the year. I like this much more than a new year's resolution that won't stick. I write them all down and work to accomplish them like you would a to-do list! Some are practical, most are fun, but either way it's a great way to make sure that 2016 is an adventure. 

How was your 2015? What do you want to accomplish in 2016!?!

Spread some sunlight this year!!
Love you lots, 

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