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Friday, July 31, 2015

Pool Time Must Haves!

Cover Up (similar)  || Hat || Bathing Suit (top and bottoms) || Sunglasses (sold out! Same brand, similar here and here) || Shoes (similarsimilarsimilar) || Book

Today I am at the beach and I am laying by a pool! I am so excited to be on vacation with my family! The first thing that I always add to my bag is a new book! I love having something to read in between taking a dip in the pool. I also have a few magazines to flip through! In my bag today I have the August issues of People StyleWatch, Shape and Women's Health.

I haven't found a swimsuit this summer that I love more than this one. Everything is made better with a monogram! However, this swimsuit doesn't have any padding and I prefer to have a little extra coverage so I cut small slits in the lining and added the padding from an old suit. It was super easy!

My beach bag is never complete without a few things to protect me from getting a sunburn! There's always a hat, sunglasses and a cover up in my bag at the beach! This is one of my favorite cover ups! I found it at H&M, but I've never found it online! If you don't live near an H&M or can't handle the mall (been there many times!) here are a few similar options that you can buy without leaving your house:
One || Two || Three || Four || Five

If you want to know about my sunglasses check out this post that I did a few days ago about my whole sunglasses collection!

I hope you all get the chance to lounge by the pool this weekend and soak up some sunlight!

Love you lots,

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sunnies Collection!

I have a sunglasses addiction! So I figured I would share my sunnies collection! I have really light blue eyes so going out in the summer (outside in general) without sunglasses isn't an option, but having options of which pair to wear is a must! Down below are the majority of my sunnies, but these are the ones that I am wearing the most this summer! (I also have these, but they're broken :'( ) Protect your baby blues (or greens or browns...).

Top to Bottom: Rose Gold || Tortoise Shell || Cateye Glasses (CURRENT FAVS! && ON SALE!) ||
 Prada Dupes (real ones) || Red Cateye (sold out! Same brand, similar here and here)

Enjoy the sunlight! 

Love you bunches, 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July PopSugar Box!

Yes to Wipes || No Nut Bar || Supergoop! || Henri Bendel Bag || Hallmark Cards || Pop Dental Toothbrush || Sorial Cardholder (can't find it online, but I like this one and this one, too!)

I always love my PopSugar box, but with vacation a few days away this really was the perfect combination of things. Everything (except the stationary) will be accompanying me on the trip and most of them will be added to my carry on!

I can't wait to try the No Nut Bar! I have been saving it for the plane ride because I really don't like peanuts and California to Texas is a long trip. Plus, the time change means I always miss lunch or have to eat at a weird time. Nobody wants to get hangry on a plane. I've learned that the screaming baby two rows back doesn't deserve to be hated just because my blood sugar is low. Hence packing plenty of snacks (and a good pair of headphones)!

I am also really excited for the finishing spray for that Texas humidity! I am hoping that it will help keep my makeup from melting off my face when we go out to dinner and maybe if we squeeze in a little shopping. 

The Hallmark cards are all so gorgeous, too! I'm going to save them for a super special occasion because I don't want to write in them just yet! Like I said in the video, I like to use pretty cards for accent pieces in frames for gallery walls and I might do that with the pineapple one! We will see! 

Let me know what your favorite thing in the box was! 

Go out and spread some sunlight today!

Love you bunches, 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Summertime Abs!!

This is probably one of my favorite abs circuits that we've done so far! It's fast paced and you can do so many rounds without that "this is taking forever" feeling! Try it out and let us know how it was!! 

Like it says in the video I really recommend having a wall behind you for the cross planks or making sure you're on a slip-free surface! Having to adjust my feet over and over was not fun! Hope you guys enjoy! Eat healthy, do this workout, throw in a cardio session and you'll have a toned tummy in no time! And remember not to get discouraged, I'm still working on mine, too! 

Love you all bunches,

Friday, July 24, 2015

A few favorites!

So sometimes I take pictures of outfits with the intent to do an outfit post, but then all of the pieces aren't available or I just get sidetracked and it never gets posted. This morning while I was scrolling through my phone I picked out four outfits that I really liked and decided to post them here. Some made appearances on my Instagram, but not all of them! I have linked a bunch of similar stuff underneath each outfit (and tried to keep the same brand or price range!), so you can recreate the look if you like it! 

Hope you all have a lovely, sunlight-filled day! 

Love you bunches, 

Shorts (similar) || Shirt || Shoes || Sunnies

Black Dress (similar, similar, similar) || Shoes || Sunnies 

Pen (All-time favorite pen!) || Revlon || EOS || Rose Mints (SOOO tasty!)

Shorts (similar, similar, similar) || Tank || Shoes (similar, similar, similar) || Necklaces || 
Sunnies (Nasty Gal Dupes, but here's the Prada ones) (also love these, these & these) || 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Romper and NSale buys!

Finally! My NSale purchases have started coming in the mail! I've put most of the clothes safely on hangers in my closet until the temperatures fall, but these accessories I can wear all year long. So when they showed up in the mail yesterday I, of course, planned to wear them out last night!

We went to the soft opening for a tasting room called Huge Bear in Calistoga, CA last night. It was a really cool place and their Chardonnay was pretty good! They took over an old bank and converted it, but the moldings around the ceiling are still intact and gorgeous! They also turned the vault into a faux wine cellar! 

I do feel the need to apologize because I saw this romper was on sale and I love it! So, of course, I wanted to share it with you because I bought mine at full price and everyone loves a deal. However, in the time that it took me to get this posted it sold out! :( But I am linking a ton of other really cute and similar options to make up for it! This coral color is the best to show off a tan!! (Which I don't really have right now, but hopefully after the beach next weekend!)

My Picks: 
One || Two || Three || Four || Five

Don't forget to check out the NSale because things are selling out like crazy! 

Take a moment and spread some sunlight today. 

Lots of love, 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

*Psst* Click the picture to find a copy

I thought my next book post would be for Go Set a Watchman, but things change, book slumps happen and attention has to shift to get back on track. Basically, I hit a book wall after re-reading one of my all-time favorites, To Kill a Mockingbird. After closing the cover and putting it back on the shelf I just wasn't ready to start the new one. I needed something different to shake things up a little bit first. I needed to dive into a different world for a while, and the book that did it for me was Robyn Schneider's Extraordinary Means.

To be honest, I only bought this book because Robyn Schneider has an amazing YouTube Channel, although she's been gone for about a month. Come back Robyn, I miss you! (I mean it's not like you're out on a book tour doing awesome things or anything...) This isn't her first book, but I picked this one up because they made a great book trailer for it and I was hooked by the idea.

I'm not much of a YA reader anymore, but I found the concept of a drug-resistant TB pandemic (and how society would deal with something like that) really interesting. And the cover design is so great! If you didn't click the link to watch the trailer, and have no idea what this book is about, then let me summarize (no spoilers):

The book follows two teenagers, a boy and a girl (duh, it's YA), who have Tuberculosis and are sent to live in a sanatorium until a cure is found. It's basically a boarding school, but with doctors, nurses and wristbands that track their vitals. There's friendships, adventures, rule breaking, and, of course, romance. You follow them as they deal with their illness, seeing how people treat them like they're broken and the grim reality of death. It gets pretty deep at times, but is still a fun and fast read. And if you're a crazy overachiever like I am, you'll learn an important lesson from Lane, no matter your age.

My only complaint was the romance (and this isn't a complaint about this book, just YA fiction in general). Maybe I am a cynic, and maybe I can't relate because I didn't date in high school, but I have never been a fan of young, head-over-heels love that blossoms in less than a month. I don't think it's realistic and frankly makes me a little sick. I prefer love stories that take time to evolve because that's how it is in real life. I think if someone told me they were in love with their significant other three weeks after their first date, we'd have to have a reality check. And these characters are pretty romantically dramatic.

I understand that when writing a novel you only have so many pages to work with and things need to happen pretty fast, so I get it. I'm just the kind of person who loved (500) Days of Summer BECAUSE they didn't end up together. (That's a spoiler, but it's an old movie.) So if you love young love and think Romeo and Juliet was super romantic then you'll probably adore these star-crossed lovers.

The book really wasn't very long and read extremely fast (I read the first half in one sitting before bed). If you're into YA or looking to get a gift for someone who likes YA, this one is pretty good. And now that I've read the book, if they turn it into a movie, I'll definitely go see it. I will also probably pick up some of Schneider's other books to see what they're all about.

Hope you are able to spread some sunlight today!

Love you lots,

Monday, July 20, 2015

Balance Beam Body!!

I don't usually like to do workouts that require props, but this is the exception because WOW this was a great workout. It's not tough, like "I'm so out of breath right now," but tough like, "Wow my muscles are trembling and I still have to keep my balance!"

I talk about it a lot in the video, but the muscles in my feet were even working and I didn't realize they existed. This is why Matt helps with the videos, I am not a fitness expert.

Seriously, though, if you want to make any exercise more difficult add in a balance component and a squat or lunge and you'll have a pretty intense full body workout!

Have a nice sweat sesh!

Love you bunches,

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Printed Maxi Dress

Dress (similar, similar, similar) || Sandals || Necklace || Watch || Bracelet || Cuff  (similar)

I got this dress in my latest Stitch Fix box and fell in love. I almost wore it the same morning that I unpacked the box, but restrained myself so that I could wear on a day that I could take pictures for this post. Putting on a different skirt was almost torture. It is the perfect dress to just throw on with some sandals and fun jewelry and go. I've never been crazy about maxi dresses, but they are starting to grow on me, I mean what's a better way to look stylish when you sleep in and don't have time to shave your legs! Plus, I can't wait to wear this one into early Fall with a denim jacket and some black sandals, maybe even a black floppy hat! 

Since it's Stitch Fix, I can't give you an exact link, but if you have a Stitch Fix subscription and want to request this one from your stylist it's called the Market & Spruce Persia Geo Print Maxi Dress. I do wish that it were a little longer so that I could wear wedges with it, but sandals will just have to do. 

I hope you are all having a lovely day! Don't forget to spread your daily dose of sunlight! 

Love you bunches, 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Opening Day!

So I already bought the things I wanted during early access, but I am still finding things that I love that I'm considering getting, too! Now that the sale is open for everyone I thought I'd put together a second list of things I am obsessing over (Find the first list here). Hurry though because stuff is going fast! A few things that I was considering are sold out, so I'm hoping they restock soon! 

If you don't already have a PMD, I really recommend taking advantage of this great deal! I love mine, but now I'm wishing I waited to buy it! It makes your skin feel so smooth and helps get rid of fine lines and marks leftover from blemishes. It also helps prevent breakouts because it gets all the dead skin off. 

I am in love with all of these shoes! I really want a pair of light brown booties for fall and the sale has so many good options!

Happy shopping!

Stitch Fixed!

I got my Stitch Fix box again and I was really excited to see it waiting for me when I got home! The stylist sent me another maxi dress with a fit she thought I'd like more than the last one and she was right! I loved this dress. I also liked both of the tops and the idea of a chambray shirt. So this box was far less colorful than the ones I've received in the past, but I was really ok with it. I ended up only keeping two pieces, mostly because things didn't fit great.

The black pants had a really interesting subtle pattern. The stylist said that these pants were really popular. Imagine if a pair of leggings and a pair of khaki's had a child, that would be this pant. No button, no zipper, and a cropped leg. Basically, they were saggy in the booty and they were really big in the waist, so they went back.

The other things that I sent back were the white top with the tie front and the chambray skirt. The skirt was a strange length that wasn't flattering and I just wasn't feeling the tie-front top. But! I was super excited because the dress fit great and I loved the floral print top! Now that it's July I am starting to think about transition pieces and I think I can use both of these into the first part of Fall. 

Here is how I styled my two new closet additions!! 

Check back tomorrow for a full outfit post with my new dress! 

Take a second to spread some sunlight today! 

Love you bunches, 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

BYOB: The best gift to give!

It was my best friend's birthday and I wanted to send him something that I know would brighten his day. This was filmed forever ago, but I wanted to wait until Bryan got the gift before I posted it and ruined the surprise. I love giving this gift for so many reasons, but mostly because it's so customizable! I made one for my mom back in May and put in a Danielle Steele book, her favorite spicy trail mix, but in a cute tote bag from Target! The possibilities are endless! 

Plus, it's like that trend of wrapping presents in scarves instead of paper, unlike a gift basket they'll actually use the bag you give the gift in! 

I also forgot to add a card in the bag, that might be a nice thing to add! I sent it in the mail separately...

What you'll need: 

Stencil it on with a pencil: 

Take a deep breath, use a steady hand and fill it in: 

Add your pop of color or other designs: 

Spread some sunlight on someone you love and make them a BYOB (Yes, I know beach bag is two words)! 

Love you bunches, 
P.S. Bryan loved it!