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Friday, July 17, 2015

Stitch Fixed!

I got my Stitch Fix box again and I was really excited to see it waiting for me when I got home! The stylist sent me another maxi dress with a fit she thought I'd like more than the last one and she was right! I loved this dress. I also liked both of the tops and the idea of a chambray shirt. So this box was far less colorful than the ones I've received in the past, but I was really ok with it. I ended up only keeping two pieces, mostly because things didn't fit great.

The black pants had a really interesting subtle pattern. The stylist said that these pants were really popular. Imagine if a pair of leggings and a pair of khaki's had a child, that would be this pant. No button, no zipper, and a cropped leg. Basically, they were saggy in the booty and they were really big in the waist, so they went back.

The other things that I sent back were the white top with the tie front and the chambray skirt. The skirt was a strange length that wasn't flattering and I just wasn't feeling the tie-front top. But! I was super excited because the dress fit great and I loved the floral print top! Now that it's July I am starting to think about transition pieces and I think I can use both of these into the first part of Fall. 

Here is how I styled my two new closet additions!! 

Check back tomorrow for a full outfit post with my new dress! 

Take a second to spread some sunlight today! 

Love you bunches, 

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