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Friday, April 29, 2016

Pamper your Mama!

One (Pink in Paris) || Two (Nude Lavalliere) || Three || Four || Five || Six (Splash Out) || 
Seven (Cake Hole) || Eight || Nine || Ten || Eleven || Twelve || Thirteen || Fourteen ||

Mother's Day is almost here and I plan to pamper my mom! Mother's Day is a great time to show your mom how much you care, but also to set her up with the tools she needs to relax! My mom works all the time and does so much for my family, even me and I'm in a different state! So for Mother's Day I want to make it possible for her to do nothing, but what makes her happy! In the attempt to find the perfect thing to send my mom I've found a few suggestions to share. 

 There's nothing like a new lipstick to feel completely pampered and refreshed. I've fallen hard for a few of the YSL shades. The packaging look amazing and the products are so nice on the lips! Pair one of the lipsticks with a pretty pink shade of nail polish! If you can then throw in a mani/pedi that you can go get together! Your mom can throw on these cute sandals after her relaxing pedicure!

My mom loves to run! So I love getting her running accessories. If your mama likes to hit the gym I can't recommend the LuluLemon yoga mats and towels! You can get them in a matching color and they probably my favorites out there. Even if your mom isn't a yogi these mats are great for stretching and ab exercises! Running in the Texas heat is hot so a microfibre towel is a must!

Last but not least a relaxation basket is a great gift! Put a mug with some tea or coffee (depending on what your mama likes to eat), a book your mom loves (mine likes Danielle Steel), and a great candle in a basket or a bag that she can use again! Maybe add some fuzzy socks and a sweet treat to really complete the whole thing.

Also, order a pretty flower arrangement that your mom can enjoy for days after her special day. My favorite online florist is out of San Francisco! Farmgirl Flowers makes the most beautiful arrangements and they come wrapped in burlap. Plus, the arrangements change depending on what flowers are in season so you know you're getting really fresh flowers! If you want to really go all out try the Romy+Richele, not only will your mom get a bouquet, but also a box of amazing SF products!

It's not all about the gift, though. The most important thing is to make sure you express how much you love your mom and how much she's appreciated! Send a card, make a phone call, and make sure she smiles on her day!

Love you lots,

Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Unboxed!

I'm on the run this week and two products in this box have been lifesavers! The dark chocolate espresso beans are a perfect pick-me up when I get a little hungry. The dark chocolate is the perfect pairing for the espresso beans. I've never tried a mocha, but I'm assuming these little chocolate bites are the equivalent flavor. SO good!

The other product is the Royal Apothic hand cream. It smells like spring flowers and really helps keep my hands and nails moisturized throughout the day. It's too big for my purse, but it's in my suitcase to use after a long day of being out and about! I really like putting it on right after I do my makeup and then again right before I go to bed. 

April is wrapping up so I hope you've had a great month! Let me know which of these products you're most interested in. I'd love to give you my more in-depth reaction now that I've used them!

Love you lots, 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Coffee on the Terrace!

Similar Bag || David Yurman Cuff || Calvin Klein Flats (old, similar here, here, & here) ||
Nanette Lepore Watch || Champagne earrings || Buxom Lip in White Russian ||

I was flipping through the March issue of People StyleWatch and saw these jeans with the embroidered flowers and I immediately started looking for the caption. My heart almost stopped when I found out they were from AĆ©ropastle. I haven't shopped there since I was twelve! Then I stumbled upon a sale and I ordered a pair! They are super high-waisted, a pale blue (almost white), and the pink embroidered flowers add a cute feminine touch to the boyfriend fit.

I wore these around San Francisco all day on Sunday and got so many compliments! People were shocked when they found out where they were from. And as an added bonus they're under $10 right now, but sizes are pretty limited. I've seen so many different embroidered denim pieces out in stores right now, so you can pretty easily get a look-alike pair! I'm loving some of the shorts!

We stayed the weekend in the city at the Fairmont. I learned that it's one of the only hotels in San Francisco with balcony rooms. The hotel was grandfathered in when the building ordinances started requiring sealed rooms. Our room had a balcony! When we checked in there was a wedding in the courtyard below and Sunday morning I spent my time in one of the lounge chairs with a cup of espresso looking out onto the city. The Fairmont sits at the top of a hill so the views are great!! It was possibly the most relaxing hour I've had in a very long time!

I paired the rest of the outfit to match the embroidery. I bought this Brandy Melville sweater almost a year ago and it's been a staple in my closet ever since. It's oversized and comfy and was perfect for shopping in the city! And I shopped until KB and I both dropped!

Love you lots,

Monday, April 25, 2016

Playoffs: Round One

If you didn't know, I am a huge Spurs fans. I grew up going to the games and now that I'm in California, I get updates sent straight to my phone every quarter. Of course, I watch as many games as possible, but sometimes that Spurs app comes in handy!

Now living in the Bay Area I'm surrounded by Warriors fans like Matt. I'm ok with it though, I grew up in the middle of Texas chanting "Boomer Sooner." So I guess I'm used to hostile territory. To celebrate the playoffs and both of our teams winning in round one (something we didn't know when we filmed this video, but highly suspected) we donned our team colors and came up with a crazy tough basketball workout. Seriously, my calves are still sore (and no that isn't a basketball pun)!!!!

Until last month I was on a co-ed basketball team in Napa. I love playing and I'm going to make sure to continue doing this workout so that when I play again in the fall I'll be ready!

Love you lots,

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Black and White Affair

A few friends hosted a party in San Francisco this weekend and I was so excited to dress up and have a fun night in the city! On the way to our hotel I stopped into Francesca's and fell in love with this dress! The party theme was "Black and White" and while I have a ton of LBDs I really wanted to rock and LWD! I packed a black dress in my suitcase just in case, but I stumbled upon this dress, it fit perfectly and I couldn't leave without it! I love the flapper-inspired cut. I am not a huge fan of tight fitting silhouettes, but this hangs beautifully without being skin tight. The lace detailing around the bottom is amazing, as well, and I think it makes this dress look so elegant (not to mention much more expensive than it actually was).  

I can't find the exact one on the website, but check one of the boutiques near you because I just bought it on Saturday and my store had a bunch of sizes.

Like I said above, I was in the mood to dress up so I threw on my classic black pumps and some pearls. It's a classic combination and you really can't go wrong. Plus, I stayed in the party theme all the way down to my accessories! I didn't carry a bag because I hate having to keep track of it when I'm out. I threw my lipstick in KB's jacket pocket and my ID and credit card in his wallet. If I were more responsible and wanted to round out this outfit I would have packed a little black clutch for the evening.

We went to a bar called Tradition. It's kind of hipster with a ton of handcrafted-cocktail choices. Since we had the private bar upstairs the bartender made a bowl of punch for everyone to start out with while he made other people's drinks. I loved the crystal-cut cups he set out with the punch. It's the small details like that, that make this bar and others in the same chain so great. It is in the Tenderloin, though, so Uber in and out when you go! But don't let that stop you!! And try their other bar right across the street, Bourbon and Branch! It's one of our favorites.

We spent the night in the city at the Fairmont. It has the most amazing lobby and after we got back from the party I couldn't help, but take a few pictures. It was super late and the lighting is always pretty dim, but the staircase is gorgeous! It was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.

Love you lots,

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Francesca's Accessory Haul!

Tassel Earrings (Not on the site, but I LOVE these) || Tortoise Cuff ||

I had a bit of a Target moment, but on the Francesca's website. I went shopping for one thing and ended up with a few extra purchases, but not with the item I intended to get. See, it was a total Target move. I got this giant box on my porch and I had to wait two days to open it because I wanted to share these great summer finds with you! That my friends is strong willpower and dedication.

I love Francesca's and have been a frequent shopper for as long as I can remember. Some of the items I ordered aren't on the website anymore, but let's all pray for a restocking soon! And the sales I used on this order are still going on! (Bags are 2 for $50 and BOGO 50% off on accessories)

I'd love to see some of your favorite items for the summer! Link to them in the comments or on my social medias!

Love you lots,

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Grace & Style by Grace Helbig

*Psst* Click the picture to find a copy

Grace Helbig wrote a second book and there was no way I wasn't adding it to my shelf! (And it's a signed edition!!) Plus, this one was about fashion and style so there was no way I could pass it up! As I mentioned in my review of her first book, Grace's Guide, I love the way she dresses in the photos! Of course, if you've seen any of Grace's videos or if you happened to read her last book you'd know that a lot of the advice is, well, a joke. It's not that it isn't helpful, but it's all meant to be a little goofy. It's a laugh-at-yourself-for-getting-so worked-up-about-the-state-of-your-closet thing.

The book is broken up into sections and has so much content in it! There's quotes from Grace's mom (which I loved), anecdotes from her tween years (shoutout to Limited Too), and a diary from the point of view of a pair of her sweatpants. In all honesty, I was super unsure about the sweatpant thing, but by the end it had really grown on me. So stick with it all the way until the last entry!

I think I might have enjoyed Grace's Guide a bit more than this second book, but mostly because of all the "how to be a grownup" content. As a 23-year-old seeing that other people everywhere are struggling with the same stuff made me laugh. It's comical when you think of all the trivial stuff we worry about and Grace does an amazing job at bringing that to light.

My favorite part of this book was Grace's message of self-love. She starts off right at the beginning talking about her eating disorder when she was younger. Like most women I've met she's struggled with self image. It's comforting to see someone that comes off so confident, someone who's willing to be goofy on camera and on the internet, and someone who so many people look up to has also struggled with body image. The main thing I'm taking away from this book is definitely to wear what you like, wear it with pride and to love yourself in your clothes, but more importantly in your skin.

I'm so glad Grace wrote another book. I'm also glad to know that I'm not the only one with too many black and white striped shirts!

Love you lots,

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

All White and Some New Shoes!

This white top has made an appearance on my YouTube channel then on my Instagram and I realized that it hasn't been featured on the blog yet. So I threw on my white jeans and my brand new sandals and headed out for the day. I love the sheerness to this top because it really makes the embroidered dots stand out. It pairs great with blue jeans, too!

I've been lusting after these sandals for a few months, but I put off purchasing them. Then when I was ready to commit they were sold out everywhere in my very popular shoe size. I finally found them on Net-a-Porter!! I added them to my cart and checked out immediately! I was having a really bad day and then these arrived in the mail. Who says retail therapy isn't a thing? Hahaha! I was worried that they wouldn't be great for walking all day, but I was wrong. They're super comfortable! I walked to and from lunch with no pain. I'm super into block heels right now and these lovely shoes have filled a whole in my shoe collection that desperately needed to be filled!

When I'm not feeling like wearing a ton a jewelry I love throwing on this Kendra Scott cuff. It's bold enough to make a statement and is great as a standalone! Sometimes I just don't want a bunch of bracelets sliding up and down my arm all day and this cuff solves the problem.

I was all about the monochromatic look today so I grabbed my fav earrings to stick with the pattern. They aren't on the website anymore, but the similar pair I linked are gorgeous! My birthday is coming up soon and I can't wait to add a few more pieces to my Kendra Scott collection.

Love you lots,

Monday, April 18, 2016

A 'Tax'ing Workout!

Today's workout can literally be done from your chair in your office sitting in front of a computer. Hopefully you're not working on your taxes and that stress has already passed, but if you are liven the process up with a few of these exercises!

My taxes were paid this morning and it looks like I won't be shopping for a while, so I guess I'll just have to hit the gym instead of the "Add to Cart" button. This is definitely a great workout to do when you're pinched for time! You can even do the legs raises under your desk while you're at work. People might be a little skeptical if they see you doing chair pushups in the office, but leg raises are pretty discreet. Think of the quads you'd gain from doing those all day!

This is also a great workout for those of you who have finals coming up. Take a few minutes in between your cram sessions and work through this routine. It will get your blood pumping, wake up your brain and keep you on track. I always liked to run in between studying, but this chair workout will keep you in front of your books and achieve a similar goal! 

I'm not going to say happy tax day because there's nothing fun about taxes (unless you're getting a refund...), but instead we'll go with happy Monday!

Love you lots,

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Churro Cupcakes, anyone?

Like I mentioned in a past post it is Fiesta in San Antonio. One of my favorite parts of Fiesta is the gordita stands! They cost a ton of tickets, but they are so worth it! So since I won't be home this year for the celebration I decided to attempt making my own! Plus, unlike the ones I'm used to these aren't fried so I ate it without feeling too guilty! And it totally fixed my cravings and helped a bit with the home sickness from not being there.

As a general rule I don't like beans, especially refried beans. BUT I love Mexican rice! So for this feast I skipped the beans altogether and tried out a riced cauliflower recipe. I made chicken fried rice with cauliflower last week and I thought it was a great alternative to the real thing. So this week I continued the cauliflower trend and made some delicious Mexican rice! It turned out great and if you're vegan, vegetarian or watching your carb intake it's perfect!!

Another Fiesta-must is the churro! I am not a huge fan of churros, but then again if I'm baking it's likely that I'm making it for someone else. KB LOOVES churros, so I wanted to include them somehow in this feast! Since my go-to baked good is the faithful cupcake I decided to combine them. So if you're ever wondering what would happen if a cupcake and a churro (plus, the caramel dipping sauce) had a baby, this is your answer! Warning: they're rich!

Viva Fiesta! 

Love you lots,

Saturday, April 16, 2016


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Ten || Eleven || Twelve || Thirteen || Fourteen (top & bottom) || 

Embroidered embellishments are everywhere right now and I think they're a great way to add a little color to an outfit. A cute embroidered dress is an instant spring look and you don't need to accessorize  too much because the print is enough!

On the flipside you can instantly make a great ensemble with a more mellow outfit and some cute embroidered accessories! Try a white dress and some embroidered sandals! It the perfect look for the weekend or a fun summer party. Or if a chambray shirt and white jeans is more your style grab an embroidered clutch or these Sam Edelman heels.

The best part of this trend is that there are hundreds of options out there in every price range! You can find gorgeous designer pieces for really special occasions or hit up H&M for similar items that you can wear every day. Personally, I am crazy about the more affordable, breezy dresses (and the romper), but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want those heels.

Hope you're having a great Saturday!!

Love you lots,

Friday, April 15, 2016

White Dress, Straw Hat and a Garden

Diament Turquoise Bracelet (love this one, too!) || MK watch ||

I featured this dress in my spring clothing haul and I've been waiting for the perfect day to wear it! I love this dress. Paired with the straw hat, the booties and the turquoise accessories I think it would be a great ensemble for festival season. I know wearing white to a music festival might be a little risky, but at least you'll look cute!

I've been obsessed with white dresses this last month. I keep finding cute ones that I want in my closet. Then my boyfriend says something to the effect of, "Don't you already have that dress?" So I've kept my shopping to a minimum, but a great white sundress is at the top of my Spring/Summer must-have list. They're also a popular trend on my Pinterest. I told you I can't get enough!

My straw hat came in my PopSugar Resort Box and while I can't find the exact one on the website I really like the Panama-inspired shape! I am really excited to wear it to the beach or to the pool with a cute coverup! I think it will be pretty versatile with my summer schedule. Do you need a pair of great booties that are super affordable? These are dv for Target and I wear them at least three times a week. They've been featured in a few blog posts (here & here) and I have a feeling you can expect to see them in a few more. I am unapologetically overwearing them! The best part is they're under $40!

Love you lots,

Thursday, April 14, 2016

DIY: Fiesta Cascarones!

Every April I look forward to Fiesta in San Antonio! I won't be able to attend this year, but it's one of the things I miss most about home every spring. To celebrate the start of this two week party I decided to share with you how to make cascarones, a Fiesta essential!

I grew up having these confetti-filled eggs at every school carnival, Easter and, of course, Fiesta! They're easy to make and fun to decorate your house with if you don't want to smash them. Throw a bunch of these into a bowl with some tissue paper flowers for a fun centerpiece at your next fiesta. If you want the colors to pop a little more then I recommend using white eggs, you can dye them like Easter eggs or paint them by hand!

Happy crafting!

Love you lots,

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stripes and Florals!

Kate Spade Saturday Skirt (Marshall's find, similar here, here, here) ||

Mixing prints is still a new thing for me. Generally wearing a printed skirt means a cute white top or button up in a coordinating color. I like crisp lines and polished clothing, but today I wanted to get a little adventurous. Pinterest is packed with cute floral skirts and striped shirt, so if the rest of the world can embrace this trend so can I!

I grabbed this skirt at Marshall's because of the great pattern! It's by Kate Spade Saturday so the quality is pretty great and it's something I plan on wearing quite a bit. The pops of color are just super fun to me! Then I pulled out my favorite striped long sleeve tee. I think I bought it during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last year, but I own it in two colors and I wear them both all the time. I like mixing long sleeves with short skirts to create a balance. I have super long legs so most skirts are pretty short, so I'm a pro at adding long sleeves and jackets. I'm a huge believer in only needing to show off one thing at a time!

These pave chain bracelets are super popular and I found this one at Target a few years ago. I have the matching necklace and my mom has the set, too! It looks great in a bracelet stack or on it's own and it won't break the bank like a lot of other similar styles. It is on the large size and I have to clasp it on the last ring, so if you have small wrist keep that in mind. 

What prints do you love matching? I'd love to give some more combinations a try!

Love you lots,