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Monday, April 18, 2016

A 'Tax'ing Workout!

Today's workout can literally be done from your chair in your office sitting in front of a computer. Hopefully you're not working on your taxes and that stress has already passed, but if you are liven the process up with a few of these exercises!

My taxes were paid this morning and it looks like I won't be shopping for a while, so I guess I'll just have to hit the gym instead of the "Add to Cart" button. This is definitely a great workout to do when you're pinched for time! You can even do the legs raises under your desk while you're at work. People might be a little skeptical if they see you doing chair pushups in the office, but leg raises are pretty discreet. Think of the quads you'd gain from doing those all day!

This is also a great workout for those of you who have finals coming up. Take a few minutes in between your cram sessions and work through this routine. It will get your blood pumping, wake up your brain and keep you on track. I always liked to run in between studying, but this chair workout will keep you in front of your books and achieve a similar goal! 

I'm not going to say happy tax day because there's nothing fun about taxes (unless you're getting a refund...), but instead we'll go with happy Monday!

Love you lots,

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