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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Clothing Haul!!

Carmen Floral Skirt (Sold Out, Similar) || 
Ten Sixty Sherman Sweatshirt (Sold Out, Similar) || 
Bobeau Slub Tee (More sizes) || Daniel Rainn Dress ||

It's time to refresh my spring wardrobe and I wanted a few new fun things to work with! I can't wait to wear all of these. I promise there will be an outfit post for each one!

I spent a ton of time clicking through the pages of Nordstrom Rack until I found the exact pieces that would fit in with what I already have in my spring closet. Now I'm not saying any of these pieces are basics, because the colors and patterns are just too loud for that (except maybe the white top).

My mom taught me a very valuable shopping rule a while ago, "Only purchase things that you know you can make three different outfits with, with pieces you already own." (maybe not the exact quote) I might have broken that rule with the short scalloped skirt, but for everything else I know that I can pair them with clothes I already have. And I'm pretty sure I can make the skirt work, too!

 I wish I had endless space in my closet and an endless budget, but you have to make each of your clothes earn their spot in your wardrobe! Wearing something one time and never looking at it again is simply not an option. We aren't all Blair Waldorf ... unfortunately.

Let me know what piece was your favorite! I'd love to hear what you're shopping for this spring, as well! Any particular pieces you've been hunting down?

Love you lots,

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Denim and Stripes!

Vince Striped Top (Nordstrom Rack find; Similar here, here, here & here) ||
Levi Jeans || DV for Target booties || LV Speedy 30 || Pearl Earrings ||
Charming Charlie Necklace (Similar here, herehere, here & here) ||

Sometimes you just need a comfy outfit! I found this striped shirt at Nordstrom Rack and I loved it. It's always great when you find something you love on the clearance rack! Of course, that means I couldn't find an exact match for you, but I love all of the similar options especially this split-back one!

Also, if you're looking for a pair of booties I highly recommend this pair from Target! They look a lot like the Dolce Vita 'Noa' Booties, but have a closed toe, are much cheaper and they're available. I loved the 'Noa' bootie, but it sold out in my size really fast! The DV pair from Target comes in black, too. You can get both and still spend less than the one pair (of course these aren't real leather).

Last summer I picked this flower necklace up at Charming Charlie. I've worn it so many times! It's a statement necklace, but the white and gold make it really easy to pair with just about anything. Baublebar has a ton of plastic flower necklaces and Charming Charlie released a few similar options again this year. These Geranium Earrings are really popular, too. They give you a similar look, if you're not wanting to wear a necklace. I chose to wear my go-to pearls. I like to stick to the one statement accessory per outfit!

Love you lots,

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Autumn + Bower Haul


A few Saturdays ago I was sitting on my computer looking through events on Eventbrite and stumbled upon a personal shopping event in Berkeley. I immediately signed up! Autumn + Bower is an online company that hosts personal shopping parties and sells their thrifted and vintage clothes on Instagram! After signing up the lovely ladies behind the company sent me a form to fill out with my sizes, color preferences, style icons and budget preference so they could go shopping for me!

The day of the party rolled around and when I showed up there were a few rolling racks full of clothes divided into sections for each of us girls who signed up! We all tried clothes on, we talked,  laughed, complimented one another's choices, and picked out our favorites. It was a really fun fashion experience and I didn't even know anyone there!

I've always loved thrifting clothes, but I definitely have to be in the mood to go dig through piles and racks of clothing, shoes and accessories. The brilliance of this shopping party is that Elena and Kalesa take all of your preferences, do the thrift store digging, and set up a curated rack of clothes picked just for you!

I am in love with each of the pieces that I picked! Some of the pieces even had the original tags on them and had never been worn!! Like I said above I love thrifted pieces, they're always unique and I know that I won't see myself walking down the street. I can't wait to wear each of these! Plus, the romper and the dress are going to make great travel pieces this summer.

Thanks Elena and Kalesa for the amazing event!

Love you lots,

Monday, March 28, 2016

Abs and Arms!

We filmed this Monday with Matt and I wasn't feeling well at all. I either ate something bad or came down with a little cold. But instead of laying in bed and feeling sick, I got up, got dressed and went to the gym. I did my regular workout and then Matt and I filmed this video. All the laughing and the exercise made me forget that my stomach was upset and that my sinuses were stuffy!

I'm not advocating going to the gym when you're running a fever or really ill, but sometimes you just need that motivation to get up and go. Whether you're tired and want to sit on the couch watching a movie or if you had a bad day and would rather eat a tub a cookie dough (we've all been there), you have to find that little bit of motivation to lace up your shoes and hit the gym!

I love doing ab workouts when I'm not feeling well. You still feel the burn and you know you're exercising, but you aren't bouncing around and making anything feel worse. The same goes for upper body workouts! Matt is a huge believer that everyone needs a little tricep attention! 

Make sure you stay hydrated and don't lose your motivation! Being healthy and fit is a long-term happiness, sitting on the couch and eating that cookie dough will only make you feel better for an hour or so. Plus, half way through your workout you might forget all your problems anyway! 

Love you lots,

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday in Eyelet!

Burberry Dress (Similar here, here, here & here) || Similar Wedges ( & these!) || 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I hope that you were able to spend time with people that you love and that you let yourself enjoy a few pieces of chocolate! 

So for my Easter weekend, I went to brunch with my boyfriend and his family. I've been waiting almost a year to wear this dress and I loved it! KB gave it to me for my birthday last year, but it was mistagged and a size too small. When we exchanged it over the phone Nordstrom Rack sent me a new one, but it was tagged as the UK size not the US size and therefore was smaller than the first one! So after a few months and a few trips to the store I finally got the right size. Unfortunately, summer was over and it was a little too late in the season to wear. I hung it up in the closet waiting for Easter because it's just the perfect brunch dress!

I know I talked a lot last week about sitting out by the pool after brunch, but we came home instead and spent time in our yard. KB planned an Easter egg hunt for me that was so hard it took up most of the afternoon! And because I've been eating really healthy he filled the eggs with freeze dried fruit and turkey jerky instead of a bunch of candy. Hahaha! I got a few Reese's, though!

Happy Easter loves!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Resort Vacation, Please!

Hey guys! Look what came in the mail!

This is one of PopSugar's Special Edition boxes and while normally I would make an unboxing video, I just posted the March box and thought two in a row might be a little overkill. 

So I opened it up, admired all the new treasures that came inside and then laid them out to share with you! I must say that this box wasn't as Resort-y as some of them have been, but the hat and the body scrub have me dreaming of tropical locations.

I never thought I could wear hats, but then I bought one in London last spring and quickly changed my mind! Since then, I've loved the look of a good hat and I can't wait to wear this one to the beach and maybe with a few outfits that have a more boho-vibe. I couldn't find the exact hat on the company's website, but they have a ton of options for straw hats and panama hats!

This little bracelet (similar style) is so cute and is adjustable so it fits! I have small wrists and some of my favorite bracelets (ahhemm.... Kate Spade Bangles) are just too big! I love the pom poms and the blue tones and all the lucky charms! There's a wish bone, a horseshoe and an evil eye (which sounds ominous, but actually is meant to ward off harm). I think this is a great piece to throw on with laid back looks and it's perfect for summer and vacations! 

I've always been a fan of Rifle Paper Co. Their products are so cute and I have to keep myself from buying all their notebooks. I girl only needs so many paper products. So I'm super happy these pocket notebooks came in the box because I get to indulge without feeling guilty! I'm obsessed with the pink notebook! The illustrations are so cute! I also really like the passport one and I think I'll use it to plan all of my upcoming summer trips! I love to make list of what to pack and places that I want to visit.
Does anyone else skip straight to the second page in notebooks? I always leave the first page blank!

Ever wondered what summer smells like. Well, I figured it out when I opened this Coconut Citrus Scrub! Exfoliating is so important especially in the summer when your legs are on display so much! I know the last thing I want is to have dull skin in my cute summer dresses and skirts. Plus, it's a must if you're getting a spray tan or using self tanners. I can't wait to use this over the weekend before I head to the pool! With this and a bit of coconut oil, I'll be able to pretend I'm sunkissed!

I'm a magazine junkie and will never turn down a free subscription. I'd never heard of DuJour, but after some research I found out that it's a luxury magazine out of New York. They cover fashion, beauty and lifestyle, so basically like my blog, but with a much larger budget and access to some of the top designers and hottest places in the city. It's a quarterly publication and I can't wait to get mine in the mail. You can get a free subscription here, too!

I am not sure how I feel about this Make Finish Effects Matte Dew palette, but I am definitely going to give it a chance. The directions say to use your fingers to apply the product, but I hate getting makeup on my hands, so that's why I'm a little hesitant. I'm excited for the mattifying effects and I love the colors so I have my fingers crossed that it's good enough to overlook the finger-thing! I'll definitely let you all know how I feel about this product after I've used it for a bit. 

Has anyone used it before? I'd love to hear what you thought!

I love this frame! I'm going to wait until I get a new beach picture this summer to fill it! I could print off an old photo, but I'm weird and will probably plan the perfect picture, stage a photoshoot on the beach and then print one off. Yay, for type-A personalities! I'm working on redoing one of the rooms in my house and turning it into an office. I really want a space that I can blog in and be creative! So this frame will probably find a home in there once it's done!

Kara's Cupcakes is one of my favorite places to go on the weekends. I don't go often because if I ate cupcakes as much as I'd like I couldn't fit into my jeans, but they're great. I go to the Oxbow location in Napa, so if you're ever visiting I reccommend giving it a try. These marshmallows are so tasty! I nibbled on one this morning and the coconut flavor is delicious. I drink vanilla espresso and it was a pretty great pairing! They're super sweet though so eat them sparingly. I split mine with my boyfriend because I wasn't feeling an early morning sugar coma.

Who's ready for the weekend!?! Check my Instagram because my new straw hat will definitely be making a poolside appearance!

Love you lots,

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A tisket, A tasket, Making an Easter Basket!

I went to Target and filled my little carry basket to the top with all kinds of fun Easter basket goodies. I take holidays very serious and Easter is one of my favs! I plan to grab brunch and then spend the rest of the day soaking up the spring sun by the pool! And maybe cheating on my meal plan with my best friend Reese's... I guess I'll fit in a gym session after the pool, too!

So grab a sun hat, a scarf and some easter treats and you'll have an Easter basket that the Bunny himself will be jealous of!

Love you lots,

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Neutrals and a Hint of Turquoise!

Don't you love when you have a piece of clothing that lasts forever and you never stop loving it? I have a ton a pieces that fall under that description and one of them is this cardigan! I bought it years ago before a trip to Europe because it packs really well and adds just a hint of warmth when you need it. I've held on to it through tons of closet purges and then I started seeing the same style this spring in multiple stores! I was so happy that I kept it around because it saved me from having to replace it!! 

I've been all about the neutrals lately. I'm not sure what it is about my color preferences at the moment, but I keep grabbing for grays, white and tans. To mix things up today I wore some of my favorite Kendra Scott earrings. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones and colors, so with all the whites and grays I figured a pop of spring color was necessary! 

This weekend I plan to clean out my closets and pack away all my fall/winter clothes. And while I did recently purchase a few new items to mix in with my spring staples I can't wait to play with all the stuff that I packed away for safe keeping at the end of last summer! Lucky for all of these pieces, they're transitional enough to keep on a hanger all year round!

What pieces have you kept in your closet forever? I'd love to know!

Love you lots,