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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Autumn + Bower Haul


A few Saturdays ago I was sitting on my computer looking through events on Eventbrite and stumbled upon a personal shopping event in Berkeley. I immediately signed up! Autumn + Bower is an online company that hosts personal shopping parties and sells their thrifted and vintage clothes on Instagram! After signing up the lovely ladies behind the company sent me a form to fill out with my sizes, color preferences, style icons and budget preference so they could go shopping for me!

The day of the party rolled around and when I showed up there were a few rolling racks full of clothes divided into sections for each of us girls who signed up! We all tried clothes on, we talked,  laughed, complimented one another's choices, and picked out our favorites. It was a really fun fashion experience and I didn't even know anyone there!

I've always loved thrifting clothes, but I definitely have to be in the mood to go dig through piles and racks of clothing, shoes and accessories. The brilliance of this shopping party is that Elena and Kalesa take all of your preferences, do the thrift store digging, and set up a curated rack of clothes picked just for you!

I am in love with each of the pieces that I picked! Some of the pieces even had the original tags on them and had never been worn!! Like I said above I love thrifted pieces, they're always unique and I know that I won't see myself walking down the street. I can't wait to wear each of these! Plus, the romper and the dress are going to make great travel pieces this summer.

Thanks Elena and Kalesa for the amazing event!

Love you lots,

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