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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Warm Sweaters in the Spring!

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Napa got one last bit of winter-y weather and I was so excited! Don't get me wrong I am beyond ready to switch out my closets and sit in the sun! However, I just got this sweater in the mail from my lovely mama. It was a Christmas present, but it was backordered from Nordstrom and it finally arrived on my doorstep. I was really sad because I thought I'd have to pack it up and wait until next fall, but this little cold blast gave me a great excuse to throw on some white jeans and this cuddly sweater! It also gave me another reason to wear these knee-high gray boots that I love and got for an amazing price! Seriously, it was like the store just gave them to me!

I threw on my favorite green bag for a bit of color with this super neutral outfit! Plus, I'm trying to get one last wear out of all my favorite winter pieces. In the next few days I'll be packing up all my winter pieces and transitioning completely into spring! 

Love you lots,

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