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Friday, October 30, 2015

Gold Pumpkins!

I had a great time making these pumpkins and I love how they look next to my fireplace! I purposefully made these more "fall" than "Halloween" so that I can incorporate them with the other decor in my house! I totally recommend using the fake pumpkins because they will never rot and you can use them year after year! That's what I like to call an investment! Even though all four of these cost less than $40 so it's not an expensive project anyway!

 I would love to make a bunch of small white ones for a vase or to place around on a mantle with candles!! If only I had a mantle to decorate...

Just a small tip when storing them after the fall holidays are over (I'm leaving mine out until Thanksgiving), wrap each one in tissue paper first. Since they aren't fragile it might seem silly to wrap them up, but Modge Podge has a tendency to stick to other Modge-Podged items. The tissue paper will make a barrier so they don't stick together! 

Check back next week for some great fall throw pillows! 

Also, let me know which pumpkin you like most in the comments below!! 


Love you lots!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Movie Date

If you are looking to buy a comfortable dress then look no further than a Google search for "sweatshirt dress". There are so many styles out there and I have been wearing this one non-stop since I bought it in July. It has become my go-to airport dress and I loved the last look so much that I recreated it to go to the movies last night with KB. I can't believe that I haven't shared this look until now, but the original did make it to my Instagram a few weeks ago!

 Unfortunately (and I feel awful about this), this exact dress is sold out, but like I said, Google will help you find your perfect look. Plus, TopShop has some other really great alternatives!

I also love adding the white vest to this because it's starting to be a little cold in the mornings, but still crazy hot in the afternoons. Layering these pieces turned out to be the perfect combo. If you don't own a puffer vest, it's time to commit! 

Hope you're having a beautiful day! Spread some sunlight!

Love you lots,

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cloudy Southwestern Day

I found this sweater on my last trip to New York and fell in love with the color and the print. Plus, it's basically a blanket with sleeves so it's really cozy! The original plan was to wear this to a football game, but it ended up not being cold enough. So instead I waited for a cloudy, chilly day and finally got my chance to wear it! I think this is going to be one of my favorite cardigans this winter!

I also think everyone should take the chance to snag these boots before they sell out. I wear them every chance I get and always get so many compliments on them. They are 25% off today and also come in a really pretty charcoal color. If I didn't already have a similar pair, I'd add those to my boot collection, too!

Hope you spread some sunlight today!

Love you lots, 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Patching!

Socialite Top || J. Crew Factory Vest || Levi Jeans
Similar Boots (here) || Similar LOFT Sunnies

I made it to the pumpkin patch just in time for Halloween! I was dying to get some fall decor for my house and more than that just needed an excuse to go to the patch! It is one of my favorite things to do to really kick off the holidays. (Next weekend I hope to go apple picking!)

Although it was really hot (and still is), I wanted to wear this vest SO bad (IT'S ON SALE!). So I ignored the heat, threw on the vest, and got down to business picking out the perfect pumpkins for my porch and some munchkins for the dining room table. By the end our wheel barrel was full and I was excited to get back and set them around. It finally looks like fall!

Like most of the boots I've posted recently these are from a few seasons ago. However, I found two really similar pairs. I love the color because they go with everything and they're super casual, which makes them great for the weekend.

Check back later this week because I'm carving the big orange one and will be roasting the pumpkin seeds! I can't wait to share my favorite fall snack recipe with you all!

Spread some sunlight today!

Love you lots,

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Football Brunching!!

It's football season! Therefore, four hours of my weekend EVERY weekend are dedicated to watching the OU game! BOOMER! However, early kick offs are really cramping my style this season! Granola, yogurt and fruit just don't scream football, but I'm determined to fix that!

Brunch is my favorite meal. I know that's a very "basic" thing to say, but to be honest I like breakfast at any time of day. Brunch just makes it socially acceptable to eat waffles at 1 PM. So I've combined my two favorite things to create these three delicious treats! Plus, one special extra at the end!

Let me know which recipe you're most excited to try!!

Cheer loud for your chosen team! Boomer Sooner! 

Love you lots, 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Chambray All Day!

This is one of my favorite weekend outfits! It's easy, comfortable, but still looks put together because of the scarf and the pop of lip color. When in doubt, always add a scarf. I love this chambray shirt and would gladly wear one every day if that were allowed, but people might talk. 

I'm also pretty adamant about not wearing exercise gear when you're not exercising, but these running leggings are really warm and great for layering under boots and longer shirts. I prefer these over cotton leggings because the color doesn't fade and they won't pill. You can buy four pairs of cotton leggings that get ruined or one pair of these. Totally worth the money!

I'm also completely obsessed with these boots. I got them for Christmas last year and I'm thrilled they have such a similar pair this season! The quilting adds a little touch of sophistication! 

Spread some sunlight today!

Love you lots, 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Taylor Swift Halloween!

Since I went to Taylor Swift's 1989 tour I have wanted to find ways to recreate her stage outfits! I love T Swift's style and her on-stage looks for this tour are so cute! What better time to take on this project than for Halloween? I might even pick one of these for my costume this year! 

Almost all of these pieces are from Amazon so you can use Prime shipping or one of the other expedited shipping options. We are pretty close to the big day so I wanted you to have plenty of options to get your costume pieces! I also tried to pick cheaper options because it is a costume, even though a lot of these pieces can be worked into your every day outfits if you're a little daring.  

Pair all of these looks with sweeping bangs, a classic red lip, and some cateye liner to achieve the perfect Taylor look!

This is the outfit that Taylor opened the show I went to with while she belted Welcome to New York! I changed the sequin bomber to a galaxy-print jacket because they are so much more accessible! You'll get the same look and not pull your hair out looking for the exact match. Plus, these shoes will be a great basic addition to your closet. You might even have a similar pair already!

Jacket || Skirt || Crop Top || Booties

This look is so similar, but with a purple skirt and black sequin jacket (not in the picture). I like both of these looks because you can show some skin if you want or if it's cold on Halloween night you can stay covered up with the jacket. Add a pair of nude tights to stay extra warm!

This tuxedo look is one of my favorites! I included the same crop top from above for an extra layer, but you could do a black sequin tank or just a plain black shirt underneath instead. I also couldn't find a sequin tuxedo jacket, but I like this blazer as a an alternative! 

Top || Shorts || Belt || Tights || Boots 1 || Boots 2 

This look was one that she wore for a good amount of the show. She is famous for her high waisted short and crop tops, so I wasn't surprised she included one. This one includes a little DIY if you want it to be exact. You can buy some rhinestone edging at a fabric store and glue it onto the top and the shorts. Or you can forgo the top embellishment and just grab a belt for the shorts. I included a more expensive pair of boots that look more like Taylor's because black OTK boots are really popular right now and this could be your excuse to add them to your closet. Or if you just want them for Halloween the second pair is way more affordable. 

Top || Skirt || Lights || Shoes

This one also includes some DIY work. If you want to really stand out like Taylor did on stage then you'll need some hot glue and a few of these light packs. When the lights went out T Swift shined bright. If you don't want to go crazy just get two light kits, one for the top and one for the bottom! This really girly look is super cute and might include the most comfortable shoes to walk around in. 

Top 1 || Top 2 || Top 3 || Leggings || Shoes

Bad Blood was probably the most cheered for and anticipated song at the concert. Taylor's black leather jumpsuit looked like it was right out of the music video! This would be a great look to do with friends! (#squadgoals) I included three different tops to choose from so that you can get the look you like best. My favorite is the second one. As long as you've got an edgy black crop top to pair with the high-waisted "leather" pants you'll get the look! 

I wanted to keep the cost down on this look, but there are some amazing silver beaded dresses out there if you're willing to spend some money! These are all under $50, so you can still afford to have a good time on Halloween (it is a Saturday, after all...) Pair your fringed dress with some strappy silver heels and scoff at anyone who guesses you're dressed as a flapper. They obviously haven't been to the concert. I think technically Taylor's is a bodysuit, so you could DIY this if you want a more exact version!

Hope you're having fun planning your Halloween costume. I'm not sure what I want to go as, but these gave me some pretty good ideas!

Love you lots, 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Winter Wishlist

ONE || TWO || THREE || FOUR ||

Two weeks ago I was in New York and I got my first taste of winter. The air was crisp, I had to wear a jacket and it was wonderful. I had flashbacks to two years ago when I was there during Christmas time and I've been excited about the holidays and cold weather ever since. Then I came back to California and honest-to-God overheated in a tank top yesterday. I know there are two major holidays before I can break out my Christmas mugs and the weather is no where cold enough to wear a peacoat, but a girl can dream. And sit not-so-patiently waiting!

Since I haven't been able to shake the winter wanting and my heart rate picks up every time I see Christmas decorations (I am aware of my problem... Thanks!)  I did what any normal gal would do and I went online window shopping for my winter wardrobe. These eight pieces are some of my favorites! I really want to add a toggle coat to my closet this year, but I'm thinking maybe in a shorter length. I also tried the navy peacoat on at Nordstrom a few months ago and WOW it was flattering! 

What pieces are you most excited about adding to your winter wardrobe? 

Waiting for Winter, 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall into Pink

J Crew Factory: Top || Skirt || Similar Necklace || Sunnies

I don't normally wear pink, but I love this cranberry color! These J. Crew Factory pieces are all in the clearance section and until the end of today are an extra 35% off with the code MYSTERYSOLVED.  I was so excited when I ordered these! Yep, I placed my order with this exact ensemble in mind!

So after getting dressed, I stopped into Dean and Deluca for lunch and a coffee! I love the fabric this skirt is made of for the colder months. It's really heavy and looks great with riding boots. It also looks great when it's cold and you need to add tights. I added this gold belt to break up wearing one color. Even though the top is printed and the skirt is solid I still wanted a small contrast piece. 

I also like these pieces as separates. I can't wait to pair the top with a pair of dark jeans and the skirt with a cream turtleneck. Each of these are so versatile and for the sale price, who can say no? 

Take a second and spread some sunlight today!

Love you lots,