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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

*Psst* Click the picture to find a copy

I think Mindy Kaling is so funny! I love her show, I love her style and I love, love, loved her first book. When I found out that she was writing her sophomore book I jumped online and preordered it months ago. Then when it was released, it showed up in my mailbox and I had no idea what it was, but when I ripped open the packaging I immediately started reading! 

If you've seen The Mindy Project, you'll know that Mindy is the expert of the (not-so) humble brag and this book is no different. It did turn me off a bit because I remember her first book being a lot more about the punch line and less about the successes that she's experienced. That's also most likely because she's in a totally different place in her life and so that's what she had to write about. I also know that when she talks about being "a little bit famous," it's meant to be tongue-in-cheek, I get the sarcasm, I just got bored with it after a while. 

I think my favorite section was the one about body image and how Mindy sees herself. It was a great mix of the honest truth and some great jokes. Just because she's not a size two a lot of media outlets and fans put a spotlight on her because she's a "normal person." I don't think that's necessarily fair and this chapter shows that Mindy might not think so either. She talks about wanting to be confident with her size and be a positive role model for women and young girls, but she's very honest about having some of the same confidence issues we all do, which is really refreshing! And I don't want to spoil anything, but the section on Juicing was probably my favorite. 

At the end of the day, I still love Mindy! And this book will happily sit next to its predecessor, but like most movies I think I still love the original more. 

Love you lots, 

Monday, September 28, 2015

It's all about LEG DAY!

I love a good leg workout! I am admittedly not a huge fan of my thighs (a problem I think many women have), but a good leg day makes me feel like I am working towards a goal: Achieve Carrie Underwood legs! Yep, it's a big goal! 

Matt made this workout specifically to work the muscles in your legs that often get missed in a normal workout. So not, this time! 

Enjoy your workout! 

Lots of love, 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Stripes and Military Vests

BP. Striped Top || Similar Military vest (found mine at Marshall's || J. Crew Jeans || 
Nasty Gal Sunnies || Make Lipstick (in Radicchio) || Habit Nail Polish (in 21 Nefertiti) ||

It isn't often that you find your new favorite shirt for an amazing price. At least not in my wardrobe. My favorites are usually things that I save up for and then wait for them to go on sale so that I can put it onto one of my matching hangers and add it to my closet. This shirt, however, is the exception. I got it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (wow that seems like so long ago!) and I have worn it like crazy! Even though it's not on sale anymore, it's still only $18! It's true to size, fitted through the arms and has a great high-low hem so you can get away with leggings and a jacket if you wanted. 

The purse is old from Francesca's, but I love the classic structured look and I carry it often! I love a statement purse, but you really can't go wrong with a great basic bag! Plus, that way you can play with some statement jewelry or other accessories and you won't overwhelm your look!

Now that it's fall (officially), I will definitely be rocking a darker lip and I love this red lipstick. My lips tend to dry out really fast when I wear lip product, but this lipstick is really creamy and moisturizes really well! In addition to a dark lip, this nail color is my new favorite. I don't want to give away too much and end up repeating myself, so just make sure you catch my September favorites next week! ;) 

Make sure you spread some sunlight today! 

Love you lots, 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Celebrating Fall!

I loved this Special Edition box!! Because Fall is my favorite!! 

I can't wait to use each of these products and I hope that you enjoy them too! 

Love you lots, 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Splurge or Save

Click the headers of each category to get more information about the pieces above! 
Let's play a game of Splurge or Save! There are so many things that I want to add to my wardrobe, but you can't splurge on every piece, unless you're Taylor Swift and since you're reading this blog I am going to assume you aren't. A great wardrobe is a mix of classics that never wear out and statement, seasonal or trendy pieces! Achieving the perfect balance is the trick to a great closet and a happy bank account! So, these are the pieces I am going to be splurging on (in my lifetime) and saving on (this season). 

Unlike a ballet flat a pointed toe will lengthen your legs and make your entire outfit a little more polished. Splurge on this piece because it's a go to that you can wear with everything from jeans to a cute dress. These are the perfect shoe for those days that you can't be bothered to put on a heel, but still need to look like your feet aren't crying in pain from yesterday's stilettos. I've been there and I feel your pain. Buy a good pair of black leather flats that will last you forever or if you aren't into leather a polished-looking faux. If you go for hardware make it minimal, but I'd even recommend going without to make it more functional. A two-tone or mixed media is a great choice! 
One || Two || Three

These are hot, hot, hot right now and don't doubt I'll be adding a pair to my closet! You can also bet that I won't be spending more than $40 on a pair of these. I think they're adorable with jeans, so cute with skirts and dresses, but I don't think they're very office appropriate. Unless you're lucky and work in a creative industry, then go for it! I also don't know how long this trend will last, I had a pair of lace-up espadrilles in middle school and they were in and out just as quick as the seasons changed. The super-sexy, lace-up heel has been around for a while and now that the look as trickled down to a flat, I think it might be on its way out. Enjoy it now, but save your money for something long lasting.

One || Two || Three

A moto jacket will never go out of style. It might not be as trendy year-to-year, but you can guarantee that the edginess it adds to an outfit will always come back. Find one that you really like and go ahead and splurge. It will be a piece that will keep you warm and you'll get more than a few wears out of it. You can always go for the classic black to get the most use, but if you want something extra for your dollar try one in suede for texture or a jewel tone because it's still dark and will pair with everything. 

One || Two || Three

The 70's came and they went and now they are back again. I love the fringed look on bags and my Minnetonka Boots are a staple in my fall wardrobe, but like it did forty years ago the 70's revival will give way to a new trend next year. (Fingers crossed it's not the 80's ... that hair!) Stars and celebs are stepping out in fringed jackets already so find a nice faux, rock the fringe, but spare the credit card. This is actually a piece that I recommend hunting down second hand. A used version of the real deal would be so great! 

 One || Two || Three

Every now and again you need to splurge on a great bag by a great brand. Your outfit sometimes depends on the perfect purse and I promise that a clean cut neutral bag will never fail you. I love cognac bags because they match so many of my favorite boots, but taupe (such an ugly color word) is great to pair with blacks if you don't want all of your accessories to be dark. Investment pieces like a great bag are a must, just make sure you find one that fits all of your stuff!!

One || Two || Three

I must admit that the statement bag above is $60, which can be expensive, but for 100% suede I think it's a steal. No one wants to carry a clean cut bag all the time! You need those pieces in your closet that make you excited and if thats a clutch made out of rafia or a pink shoulder bag I am not going to judge! These are the pieces that make fashion fun, but they are also the pieces that you can find for a lower price point. Let's face it, that orange purse you wanted and thought you'd carry all the time barely ever sees the light of day. So save your money and buy less expensive statement pieces because the stores are full of them! Plus, that just means you can buy a few!

One || Two || Three 

I'd love to hear what you're splurging and saving on for this Fall! It's going to be a fun fashion season! I can't wait for the leaves to change and the temperatures to drop!

Love you lots, 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Night Football Halftime Burn!

I get it. I'm from Texas and if anything takes precedence in the fall it's football! Saturdays back home were dedicated to college games and Monday nights were all about the NFL. So if I know anything it's that football means food and unless you stick to the carrot sticks and celery that come with your buffalo wings (which no one does) then you could definitely use a little bit of a workout! Don't let that summer body you worked so hard for go into hibernation this fall and winter!

These are five moves that you can do in your living room and you can finish all five before the third quarter even starts. Of course, you'll probably need to do more than one series of these to really get the full benefit, so challenge yourself and see how many sets you can finish before the clock starts ticking on the second half! 

This is also a great workout to do outdoors, perhaps on a football field, before you run around the track! 

I hope you're cheering on your favorite team tonight! Happy exercising!!

Love you lots, 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Time for a Recap!

I haven't done an Instagram Roundup in a while, but I've posted quite a few #ootds in the last month! Thankfully, I finally got a standing mirror from Marshall's! It is so much easier to document my outfits now! The whole selfie from above my head thing is not my favorite and takes forever to get the perfect shot (I am totally anti-selfie stick), but something is better than nothing, right! 

If you don't follow my Instagram, you should definitely check it out! I post there quite a bit in between blog posts! You can definitely expect to see more fashion pics, but also a lot of photos of coffee and my vacations! I have two big trips coming up and I am very excited! 

Enjoy the the Roundup!

Brandy Melville Sweater || Soma Tank || Primark Shorts (Similar herehere) || 

Stitch Fix Top (similar here and here) || Joe's Jeans || Franco Sarto Booties || 

Kendra Scott cuff (ON SALE!)  || Target Ring Stack || 

 B.P. Striped Tee || Joe's Jeans || Primark Flats (similar here & here) ||
Deepa Gurnani Necklace || Smashbox Lipgloss || 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love you lots, 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pumpkin Pie Waffles!

So last week I made KB a pumpkin pie (his favorite) before I left town. I had the ingredients in the cupboards leftover from last year, so I followed the recipe on the back of the can, threw all the ingredients in my stand mixer and pre-heated the oven. I had the large can of pumpkin, which makes two pies, but to my surprise I only had one pie crust in the fridge. I made the pie, poured the extra filling into a sealed container, popped it in the fridge and drove to San Luis Obispo. When I got back and opened the fridge there the filling was staring me in the face and I didn't want it to go to waste! 

So what do you do when you have leftover pumpkin pie filling? Well, you make pumpkin pie waffles for breakfast, of course! It's super easy and once the filling is made all you need is pancake/waffle mix and a waffle maker. 

So you will have to be the judge on how much pancake mix you add to your filling because everyone will have a different amount of leftover. I poured in 1/2 cup of the pancake mix at a time and stirred until it was completely combined. I added in that interval until I had the same consistency of normal waffle batter. The thicker the batter more bread-y your waffles will be, mine was a little more runny and resulted in waffles with a more pumpkin pie-ish texture. They were so good and I didn't even add syrup or any kind of toppings! 

Follow the instructions for your waffle maker and pour in your delicious smelling batter! Also, I recommend spraying the waffle maker with Pam or your favorite cooking spray in between each waffle. I noticed these stuck to the plates a little more than a regular waffle, probably because the pumpkin pie filling makes them a little stickier and sweeter than normal.

When they are done they have an amazing pumpkin color and they smell amazing! I served these for brunch to some friends and they were a big hit! I would recommend trying them plain, but if you want a little something extra go for a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon! Or mix your fall flavors and bust out the maple syrup!

I am definitely going to make these again! Since we don't need two pumpkin pies every time I bake them I find myself with a lot of leftover filling. Pumpkin Pie muffins and cupcakes are a good way to use it up, but these waffles are by far my new favorite! I can't wait to make these all fall! 

Spread some sunlight and make these for your friends, they'll love you forever! (Plus you'll get a pie out of the deal, too!) 

Lots of love, 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Manly Friday cont.!

Ready for the right side of the checklist? Here goes nothing!

One || Two || Three

Nothing says fall like a flannel! These shirts will keep you warm, look nice tucked into jeans and maybe make you feel a little bit like a lumberjack (I promise that doesn't mean you have to grow out your facial hair). Flannels come in so many colors that you can definitely find one in your favorite shade. I really like the original reds and blues, but I tend to be a traditionalist. I buy all my flannels from J. Crew and J. Crew Factory, but if you want the original king of flannel then test out an L.L. Bean (they also come fleece-lined for those really cold days)! 
One || Two || Three

Vests for men have been a big thing for a while and I really like the trend. You can go for an athletic Patagonia look with a cool long sleeve T-shirt and Jeans or you can go dressier with a quilted option. I didn't add one to the photo list above, but a hunter green vest is also a really good look with brown shoes and dark pants. This trend might not be for everyone, but if it's not too cold then I love a vest because it doesn't fully cover you like a coat. You'll stay warm, but have your arms free to do whatever you please. It sounds silly, but really its pretty great (think gloves vs. mittens).
One || Two || Three

There are hundreds of coats out there to choose from, but this year I think the bomber coat is a great look. Once again you can go leather and wear it to the office or pick a microfiber to stay dry in the rain. This is just a super classic coat that looks good on everybody! I love the blue in this Bonobos jacket, but the very expensive suede version here is also amazing. I do believe that every man should own a wool Peacoat in their closet, but not everyone has an occasion or reason to wear that polished of a coat. Try out a bomber because unlike the peacoat it will fit into any lifestyle!

One || Two || Three

Right off the bat I am admitting that these are a selfish addition, but I do think chunky wool or cotton socks are something EVERYONE should own. The reason these are selfish is because every time KB has these in his drawer I steal them and wear them around the house instead of my moccasins. I actually bought a pair in the men's section last year for myself because they are so warm. So pick up some of these and do your significant other a favor! But seriously, if you're going to be wearing any kind of boot this fall you'll want a nice thick sock. Not only will it keep your feet from blistering in new boots, but they'll stay warm on your outdoor adventures. J. Crew's camp socks are amazing, but places like L.L. Bean and other camping stores have them for a lot cheaper!

So that wraps up this Manly Friday! I hope this helps all my gentlemen readers and ladies shopping for their guys! Let me know which pieces you liked best, I'd love to hear from you!

Lots of love,

Manly Friday!

A lot of people really enjoyed the Fall Must-Have List I posted last week and I am so happy that it was well-received. However, I surprisingly have a lot of men, who follow this blog and some of them are feeling a little left out by my content. So welcome to the Man's Fall Wardrobe needs! 

Ladies, don't worry we will be back to regular programming tomorrow, but this was requested on Twitter and I aim to please! So take a minute scroll through and maybe find some gift ideas for the men in your lives or some ideas to take them shopping for! 

One || Two || Three 

When the temperatures drop most guys fall into the habit of wearing jeans every single day. This say mix your wardrobe up a little this year and try a pair of colored chinos! I love how the Bonobos ones (1) fit and they'll be just as comfortable as your blue jeans! If you aren't crazy about trying a colored pant, I totally get it, so try a neutral. Khakis, navys, browns, and grays will look just a fashionable and still give your wardrobe some versatility. Jack Spade (3) and Penguin also make great fitting trousers in a variety of color and if those don't work with your budget you can't go wrong with J. Crew Factory to get the second pair above on sale!

One || Two || Three

If you're going to buy one thing from this list please let it be a pair of these Chukka/Dessert boots. I have thought for a long time that these are the perfect men's shoe for colder months! They'll keep your ankles warm, wear well with whichever pants you're wearing (Like the chinos above), and they add so much style to your outfit. I feel like these Clarks are at every Nordstrom Rack I've ever gone to, so I know you can get them for a discount! However, if you're willing to invest you will never be sorry going with a Johnston & Murphy shoe!

One || Two || Three

I love this look because it adds some interest to a regular sweater. I've seen this style described as a shawl neck quite a bit, but really anything with a button up neck will do. I also really like the Polo quarter-zip sweaters, but those should be saved for more casual situations. Layer these with a contrasting T-shirt for less bulk or look super put together by adding a printed button up underneath. You'll want to layer something under it to protect the sweater especially if it's wool, so make your choice. Just remember that if the sweater is printed like this Barbour one stay neutral underneath! Get some one to help you roll the sleeves for a casual vibe or watch a YouTube video because it can be done wrong. I did include one here to share with you, but for the most part I am pretty anti-elbow patch. That's just a style that you will have to decide on for yourself and your personality.

One || Two || Three 

There is no way that men can always fit everything in their pockets and the messenger bag (a trend I was never really a fan of) needs to take a break. Women's fashion this fall is bursting at the seams with trendy backpacks to use instead of a purse. I think that there is no reason men shouldn't jump on this trend, too. You'll look professional and put together where ever you go and you'll have everything you need. No you can't go to Wal-Mart and pick up a new JanSport unless you're thirteen. Go for a Herschel if you're lifestyle is a little more casual. If you're traveling a lot then definitely go for the second option, a Tumi bag may seem expensive, but it will NEVER have to be replaced! And for those of you who are super confident and consider yourself more fashionable than most then find a structured leather backpack, it will get heavy, but that just means you're working out as you go!

Click here for even more Men's Fall Must-Haves! The checklist above will be completed just in time to jumpstart your fall wardrobe over the weekend!

Lots of love,

Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Fall Uniform!!

Welcome to my fall uniform! On any given day, once the temperatures drop, I throw on a button up shirt (flannel or otherwise), my favorite jeans and an puffer vest! Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it's warm and looks put together without a whole lot of fuss! I loved the gingham trend from Spring/Summer and I love that I can carry it into fall with this great shirt. 

Every year I worry that puffer vests won't be in style anymore, but so far they are still rocking the casual fashion world! If you're going to buy one piece this year for fall get one of these vests! It's the best transitional piece because it keeps you really warm on chilly mornings, but they aren't as cumbersome as a full jacket when it warms up in the afternoon. 

Also! These boots are going to be in so many posts in the coming months. Please don't get annoyed, but seriously they go with everything! They're a Nordstrom exclusive and they sell out of sizes really fast! They also come in gray! I love the over-the-knee look and the stacked heel is extremely comfortable. I wore these all day and had zero complaints! 

I am definitely going to miss summer, but I am having so much fun styling these fall outfits! And grabbing hot Chai Lattes from Dean & DeLuca isn't so shabby either! 

Don't forget to spread some sunlight today! 

Love you lots!