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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Look Great at the Gym!

Lilly Pulitzer: Pullover || Puffy Vest || Yoga Pants || "Gym" bag
Rebecca Minkoff: Sports Bra || Vest || Leggings || Gym bag
Carrie Underwood: Sports Bra || Top || Leggings || Gym bag

With a cute matching water bottle! 

Some of my favorite people (designers and singers) have branched out into fitness fashion and it would be an understatement to say that I'm obsessed! These are just three outfits that I would love to flaunt at the gym, but each collection has so many other pieces that deserve to be adored! 

While I was scrolling through all the options, I kept thinking, "Wow, these are kind of pricey to go sweat in!" But then I was shopping at LuluLemon and realized that the prices are really about the same. And I wouldn't think twice before buying a pair of Lulu leggings. I think if spending more on cute workout clothes gets you motivated to hit the gym or do a workout video then it's totally worth it! Splurge on a really cute pair of leggings or a jacket and pair it with a plain tank or top from Target! If you look cute, you'll feel better at the gym and work harder. 

Also, we missed Monday with Matt yesterday because of some construction at the gym, but check back tomorrow for a brand new video! (Just kidding... Matt had family stuff to do, so we will be back on schedule Monday!)

Start this month's fitness goals off right and spread some sunlight!

Love you lots, 

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