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Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Night Football Halftime Burn!

I get it. I'm from Texas and if anything takes precedence in the fall it's football! Saturdays back home were dedicated to college games and Monday nights were all about the NFL. So if I know anything it's that football means food and unless you stick to the carrot sticks and celery that come with your buffalo wings (which no one does) then you could definitely use a little bit of a workout! Don't let that summer body you worked so hard for go into hibernation this fall and winter!

These are five moves that you can do in your living room and you can finish all five before the third quarter even starts. Of course, you'll probably need to do more than one series of these to really get the full benefit, so challenge yourself and see how many sets you can finish before the clock starts ticking on the second half! 

This is also a great workout to do outdoors, perhaps on a football field, before you run around the track! 

I hope you're cheering on your favorite team tonight! Happy exercising!!

Love you lots, 

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