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Friday, September 18, 2015

Manly Friday cont.!

Ready for the right side of the checklist? Here goes nothing!

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Nothing says fall like a flannel! These shirts will keep you warm, look nice tucked into jeans and maybe make you feel a little bit like a lumberjack (I promise that doesn't mean you have to grow out your facial hair). Flannels come in so many colors that you can definitely find one in your favorite shade. I really like the original reds and blues, but I tend to be a traditionalist. I buy all my flannels from J. Crew and J. Crew Factory, but if you want the original king of flannel then test out an L.L. Bean (they also come fleece-lined for those really cold days)! 
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Vests for men have been a big thing for a while and I really like the trend. You can go for an athletic Patagonia look with a cool long sleeve T-shirt and Jeans or you can go dressier with a quilted option. I didn't add one to the photo list above, but a hunter green vest is also a really good look with brown shoes and dark pants. This trend might not be for everyone, but if it's not too cold then I love a vest because it doesn't fully cover you like a coat. You'll stay warm, but have your arms free to do whatever you please. It sounds silly, but really its pretty great (think gloves vs. mittens).
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There are hundreds of coats out there to choose from, but this year I think the bomber coat is a great look. Once again you can go leather and wear it to the office or pick a microfiber to stay dry in the rain. This is just a super classic coat that looks good on everybody! I love the blue in this Bonobos jacket, but the very expensive suede version here is also amazing. I do believe that every man should own a wool Peacoat in their closet, but not everyone has an occasion or reason to wear that polished of a coat. Try out a bomber because unlike the peacoat it will fit into any lifestyle!

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Right off the bat I am admitting that these are a selfish addition, but I do think chunky wool or cotton socks are something EVERYONE should own. The reason these are selfish is because every time KB has these in his drawer I steal them and wear them around the house instead of my moccasins. I actually bought a pair in the men's section last year for myself because they are so warm. So pick up some of these and do your significant other a favor! But seriously, if you're going to be wearing any kind of boot this fall you'll want a nice thick sock. Not only will it keep your feet from blistering in new boots, but they'll stay warm on your outdoor adventures. J. Crew's camp socks are amazing, but places like L.L. Bean and other camping stores have them for a lot cheaper!

So that wraps up this Manly Friday! I hope this helps all my gentlemen readers and ladies shopping for their guys! Let me know which pieces you liked best, I'd love to hear from you!

Lots of love,

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