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Friday, September 18, 2015

Manly Friday!

A lot of people really enjoyed the Fall Must-Have List I posted last week and I am so happy that it was well-received. However, I surprisingly have a lot of men, who follow this blog and some of them are feeling a little left out by my content. So welcome to the Man's Fall Wardrobe needs! 

Ladies, don't worry we will be back to regular programming tomorrow, but this was requested on Twitter and I aim to please! So take a minute scroll through and maybe find some gift ideas for the men in your lives or some ideas to take them shopping for! 

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When the temperatures drop most guys fall into the habit of wearing jeans every single day. This say mix your wardrobe up a little this year and try a pair of colored chinos! I love how the Bonobos ones (1) fit and they'll be just as comfortable as your blue jeans! If you aren't crazy about trying a colored pant, I totally get it, so try a neutral. Khakis, navys, browns, and grays will look just a fashionable and still give your wardrobe some versatility. Jack Spade (3) and Penguin also make great fitting trousers in a variety of color and if those don't work with your budget you can't go wrong with J. Crew Factory to get the second pair above on sale!

One || Two || Three

If you're going to buy one thing from this list please let it be a pair of these Chukka/Dessert boots. I have thought for a long time that these are the perfect men's shoe for colder months! They'll keep your ankles warm, wear well with whichever pants you're wearing (Like the chinos above), and they add so much style to your outfit. I feel like these Clarks are at every Nordstrom Rack I've ever gone to, so I know you can get them for a discount! However, if you're willing to invest you will never be sorry going with a Johnston & Murphy shoe!

One || Two || Three

I love this look because it adds some interest to a regular sweater. I've seen this style described as a shawl neck quite a bit, but really anything with a button up neck will do. I also really like the Polo quarter-zip sweaters, but those should be saved for more casual situations. Layer these with a contrasting T-shirt for less bulk or look super put together by adding a printed button up underneath. You'll want to layer something under it to protect the sweater especially if it's wool, so make your choice. Just remember that if the sweater is printed like this Barbour one stay neutral underneath! Get some one to help you roll the sleeves for a casual vibe or watch a YouTube video because it can be done wrong. I did include one here to share with you, but for the most part I am pretty anti-elbow patch. That's just a style that you will have to decide on for yourself and your personality.

One || Two || Three 

There is no way that men can always fit everything in their pockets and the messenger bag (a trend I was never really a fan of) needs to take a break. Women's fashion this fall is bursting at the seams with trendy backpacks to use instead of a purse. I think that there is no reason men shouldn't jump on this trend, too. You'll look professional and put together where ever you go and you'll have everything you need. No you can't go to Wal-Mart and pick up a new JanSport unless you're thirteen. Go for a Herschel if you're lifestyle is a little more casual. If you're traveling a lot then definitely go for the second option, a Tumi bag may seem expensive, but it will NEVER have to be replaced! And for those of you who are super confident and consider yourself more fashionable than most then find a structured leather backpack, it will get heavy, but that just means you're working out as you go!

Click here for even more Men's Fall Must-Haves! The checklist above will be completed just in time to jumpstart your fall wardrobe over the weekend!

Lots of love,

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