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Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Must-Have List cont.

I didn't want to overwhelm anyone with the longest blog post of the century, so I broke this list into two! As promised here is the rest of my must-have items for Fall! Plus, I am super excited about it being Friday and wanted to do something fun and special! 

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Too cold to wear leggings or you want a little more coverage (back pockets!)? Everyone needs a great fitting pair of skinny black jeans! Tuck them into boots, cute heels, or your favorite flats there really isn't a wrong way to wear them! I still love Taylor Swift's black ensemble from the Shake It Off Video and you could definitely recreate it with a pair of these. I've heard amazing things about the TopShop black jeans (2), but I am always a little partial to Joe's (3). 

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I never thought I would get behind this trend, but I am jumping on board. I'd pair them with a long grey sweater, black suede OTK boots (for some texture contrast) and dainty jewelry. I don't think this trend will be around for an extended time, so I wouldn't spend a ton of money on these, but for a fun weekend look I say, "Go for it!" It's also a cute item to stash away and rock on New Year's Eve if it's too cold for an LBD. 

One || Two || Three

SUEDE IS HUGE! I bought this TopShop skirt (2) during the Anniversary Sale and I absolutely love it! The point is that heavy fabric skirts like ones made of suede, wool, or tweed add a definite cool weather feel to your look! Pair them with a simpler, light-weight top and let the specialness of your skirt shine. To my shock (and probably my mom's), I am really loving the fringe one!  
Just a tip: Splurge for nice suede or a good faux, cheaper options can look like craft store fabric and detract from your overall look!

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Ahhh! The trench coat! I don't know if there is anything that can make a fall outfit look more polished than a great-fitting trench! Obviously, I dream about owning a classic Burberry, but until I have that kind of cash hanging out in my bank account one of these options will have to do. I love all the colors you can get a trench coat in and it still looks cute! Go for a neutral if you plan to wear it a lot, or be brave and go for a bright color like red to add an instant pop to any outfit!

One || Two || Three

This last one isn't inspired by fashion magazines, things I've seen on the runway or a starlets paparazzi photo, but it's just something that I want for this Fall! I am looking for a pull over, but the cardigan with a chambray shirt underneath is so cute, too! It's perfect for football games (Boomer Sooner) and I love the color red for Fall and Winter, despite how cliché it might be. I also think a deep crimson or bordeaux will look great with skinny jeans and these boots! If you want a good quality and super warm sweater definitely check out Barbour (it's one of Kate Middleton's favorites and mine, too!).

Hope you are having a great Friday and have an exciting weekend planned! Let me know what some of your favorite pieces for fall are and which ones from this post you like most! I'd love that! 

Lots of love, 

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