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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Fashion Flashback!

Tops: Free People Turtleneck Tank || Zara Tie Neck Top || Zara Crochet Top
Bottoms: Topshop Suede Skirt || Classic 501 Jeans || Denim Plaid Skirt
Dresses: Mock Turtleneck Dress || Sweater Dress || Suede Army Dress
Shoes: Topshop Clogs || Vince Booties || Strappy Sandals
Accessories: Fringe Purse || Multi-Ring Set || Floppy Hat

Fashion is all about the flashback and making the old new again! I love that '70s fashion is back and so popular. I'm not planning on wearing any bell bottoms anytime soon, but incorporating a few fun throwback pieces with some newer styles is a great way to add something special to any outfit! I love the white crochet-edged top and have been shopping around for one to wear with my suede skirt! 

I also love the collared dress look! This dress is layered, but there are so many long sleeve styles with the collar attached! Plus, this mustard (and all things deep red for that matter) are so popular! Both are great for Fall! (Check out those links for more pieces in those colors!) 

If you aren't crazy about turtlenecks, plaid, or suede (picky, picky, picky), try some funky stone jewelry or the super popular fringe bag (another great option)! Both are great ways to try out the '70s without rocking some super wide leg pants or a flashy pair of gogo boots!

Make a point to spread some sunlight today and maybe watch an episode of That '70s Show for more inspiration!! 

Love you bunches, 

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