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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

One outfit, Two ways

This outfit and is all about the shoes, which happen to be a new favorite in my closet and one of the best deals of the year! I found them this weekend at Nordstrom Rack in New York during the Clear the Rack sale! So not only were they already marked down, but then an extra 25% off!
 So... welcome to my closet! 

I think it might have been meant to be that I found them because it was a total accident. I had been browsing for a while and found a few things I liked, but nothing really fit and the 8.5 shoe section was wiped out. My boyfriend was asking a sales associate about getting a pair of shoes from the back and I spotted the left one of these shoes on a random cart next to the new arrivals rack. It was the softest pony material I've ever felt, it was my size, but it had the security tag on it and was all alone. I put it back convinced it was not my day. KB got his shoes from the back and was checking out when I turned around to find a multi-level rolling rack stacked with tubs of single shoes that had been found around the store. And there without a doubt was the right mate to my dream shoe I had left behind. I dug it out (despite the confusion of the man adding to the bins), wandered over to where I'd left the left one and just like that these babies were reunited. Then, of course, quickly paid for, stuffed into my overpacked suitcase and flown back to California to live happily ever after on my feet! 

I also want to point out this necklace! I've seen so many people wearing ones like it from BaubleBar and other stores, but this one is from Target and it's under $15! I think it looks a lot more expensive then it is and will pair with every sweater I wear this fall! Now for some tassel earrings!
 I think I'm going to DIY them! I promise I won't wear them together. That'd be a little much. 

Bonus outfit: 
I created the outfit above to show off my new shoes, but I also understand that wearing a metal-heeled pump isn't in the cards for everyone. Maybe it's the weekend and you're running errands or you're walking to class or maybe you just aren't into high heels. So here is the exact same outfit with a more casual vibe. All I had to do was change my shoes!

Similar Nine West Sneakers (with laces)  (Without laces here & here) || Sunnies || 
Everything else listed above! 

So just by changing my shoes I have a dressed up look and a casual look! I love being versatile with my outfits, plus this way I was able to walk all the way to lunch and still keep the outfit vibe I was going for from the beginning. Let me know which one you'd wear the most! 

Do your best to spread some sunlight today! 

Lots of love, 

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