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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Green and Gold

Leith Dress || Forever 21 Denim Vest (old) (similar here & here) || 

I was really skeptical about this swing dress trend that's happening, but if you can't beat 'em join 'em. So I bought this one because although I wasn't super impressed with the fit (it's just so loose) I absolutely loved the color! I hear that swing/trapeze dresses look great on everyone, but I think the secret is it's just so baggy that you can't tell how much you ate for lunch. It doesn't magically make you look thinner, it just hides all of your not-so-favorite areas under a flowy mass of fabric, which I have grown to support wholly. There's nothing worse then being constricted by your clothing all day. 

If you feel like this style makes you look bigger than you are (a thought that crossed my mind), my tip is to pair it with a vest or a blanket scarf for fall. Adding a vest will make sure you don't lose your waist and keep your shape. A blanket scarf will add a little texture to the outfit and keep it from looking like yards on yards of the same color draped over you. Basically, it distracts the eye to another interesting piece! 

This green was screaming for gold accessories so I threw on some of my favorite arm candy, two of my fav rings and a layered delicate necklace to finish the outfit. I plan to wear this dress again soon, but next time with rinding boots, cute socks and a blanket scarf! I just have to wait until it's a little cooler outside! 

Spread some sunlight today!

Love you lots, 


  1. Such a cute look!

    God bless,

    1. Thanks love! I adore your blog!

      Thanks for reading!