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Friday, October 30, 2015

Gold Pumpkins!

I had a great time making these pumpkins and I love how they look next to my fireplace! I purposefully made these more "fall" than "Halloween" so that I can incorporate them with the other decor in my house! I totally recommend using the fake pumpkins because they will never rot and you can use them year after year! That's what I like to call an investment! Even though all four of these cost less than $40 so it's not an expensive project anyway!

 I would love to make a bunch of small white ones for a vase or to place around on a mantle with candles!! If only I had a mantle to decorate...

Just a small tip when storing them after the fall holidays are over (I'm leaving mine out until Thanksgiving), wrap each one in tissue paper first. Since they aren't fragile it might seem silly to wrap them up, but Modge Podge has a tendency to stick to other Modge-Podged items. The tissue paper will make a barrier so they don't stick together! 

Check back next week for some great fall throw pillows! 

Also, let me know which pumpkin you like most in the comments below!! 


Love you lots!

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