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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Winter Wishlist

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Two weeks ago I was in New York and I got my first taste of winter. The air was crisp, I had to wear a jacket and it was wonderful. I had flashbacks to two years ago when I was there during Christmas time and I've been excited about the holidays and cold weather ever since. Then I came back to California and honest-to-God overheated in a tank top yesterday. I know there are two major holidays before I can break out my Christmas mugs and the weather is no where cold enough to wear a peacoat, but a girl can dream. And sit not-so-patiently waiting!

Since I haven't been able to shake the winter wanting and my heart rate picks up every time I see Christmas decorations (I am aware of my problem... Thanks!)  I did what any normal gal would do and I went online window shopping for my winter wardrobe. These eight pieces are some of my favorites! I really want to add a toggle coat to my closet this year, but I'm thinking maybe in a shorter length. I also tried the navy peacoat on at Nordstrom a few months ago and WOW it was flattering! 

What pieces are you most excited about adding to your winter wardrobe? 

Waiting for Winter, 

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