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Monday, October 5, 2015

Working on my Six Pack!

I have a deal with myself: Get definition in my abs and I will splurge on a Triangl or Kiini bikini. Since it didn't quite happen this summer my journey continues to get my dream abs! So the next few months will be filled with lots of cardio and ab conditioning, like this video! (You have to do both or it won't work!) I think it's really important to work towards a reward or a goal. At least for me it definitely helps with motivation. Hang a dress on your wall that you want to rock, sign up for a race, or like me promise to splurge on a great pair of jeans or a bikini to show of your hard work. It will definitely help you find a reason to exercise. 

This was a fun workout to do because it's equipment free and you can do it while you watch your favorite show. I mean you could just sit in the boat pose for the length of your show...

Hope you feel the burn and enjoy!

Love you lots!

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