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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Favorites from LuluLemon!

Last week I went to Canada, home of maple syrup and LuluLemon! So of course, I had to make a trip to one of their stores! I was in Toronto not Vancouver (where Lulu originated) and I do know that's like shopping an LA brand in New York. But hey, I don't often find my self that far north so I wanted to take advantage of it. The best thing about shopping this brand in Canada is that right now our dollar is stronger than theirs, meaning everything I bought was basically 30% off (including the sale stuff)!! Therefore, I really couldn't say no! 

Define Jacket (color not online) || Boogie Short Roll Down

These two were on the sale rack and in my size! I was so excited! It's like finding a matching swimsuit in the sale section of VS or Target, not likely, and a miracle when you do! I don't usually wear this style of shorts out to the gym, but I always wear them under sweatpants! 

This is my go-to casual/gym outfit right now! I LOVE these crop pants and this jacket. (More about the shirt below!) I've been obsessed with this wine/burgundy color recently and I've had my eye out for a great sweater in this color. I also really like graphite and dark gray colors. They show less sweat than heather gray and aren't as harsh as black! 

This is the laser cut detail on the crop pants! It's such a cool detail!

If you need some layering T-shirts these are the way to go! I have never worn a T-shirt that I love as much as these. They are so SOFT! I grabbed these colors so that they will match the other pieces I picked out, but there was a black and white striped one I wish I grabbed! Also, a plain white one would be a great addition to my closet! I like these because I can (and have) wear them to the gym, but I can also wear them under sweaters and with jeans. I love the rounded hem and the cuffed sleeve is a nice touch! 

Check out one of these outfits on next week's Monday with Matt!! 

Love you lots, 

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