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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Movie Date

If you are looking to buy a comfortable dress then look no further than a Google search for "sweatshirt dress". There are so many styles out there and I have been wearing this one non-stop since I bought it in July. It has become my go-to airport dress and I loved the last look so much that I recreated it to go to the movies last night with KB. I can't believe that I haven't shared this look until now, but the original did make it to my Instagram a few weeks ago!

 Unfortunately (and I feel awful about this), this exact dress is sold out, but like I said, Google will help you find your perfect look. Plus, TopShop has some other really great alternatives!

I also love adding the white vest to this because it's starting to be a little cold in the mornings, but still crazy hot in the afternoons. Layering these pieces turned out to be the perfect combo. If you don't own a puffer vest, it's time to commit! 

Hope you're having a beautiful day! Spread some sunlight!

Love you lots,

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