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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Easter Dresses!

One || Two || Three ||
Four || Five || Six ||

One || Two || Three || Four ||
 Five || Six || Seven || Eight ||

One || Two || Three ||
Four || Five || Six ||

The next occasion that I've been diligently shopping for is Easter! Whether you're going to a family dinner or a morning brunch a new dress is definitely in your future! Plus, it's a perfect excuse to add some really cute spring dresses, sandals and accessories to your wardrobe!

I love a white dress for Easter. Yes, it's a total cliche, but I just think it looks so polished wearing a white dress to brunch. I'm also loving this denim skater dress, especially if your Easter plans are a little more laid back. You'll still be a little dressed up, but with a casual pair of wedges and these Kate Spade studs (which I have in like eight colors), it's the perfect ensemble!

And I can't tell you how much I love this ASTR lace trim dress. I have a very similar one from last spring and I'm thrilled that they restocked it! The sleeves look amazing and I've worn it so many times, in so many different ways!

I'd love to see what you're planning to wear for Easter! I'm going to rock an eyelet dress that KB gave me for my birthday last year to brunch! Then I'm going pull my new bikini out of my bag and spend the rest of the day sitting by the pool snacking on some Sweet Tart Jelly Beans!

Love you lots,

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