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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring Break: Beach Bound!

Hearing about everyone's spring break plans has been making me crave warmer weather! I am so close to booking a tropical trip and digging my toes into the sand. Lord knows my the white legs would only benefit from being kissed by the sun! Sitting on a beach towel, sipping a fruity drink and listening to the waves is basically my happy place. So I've packed a bag in my head and shopped online for all the pieces that I would take with me if spring break were still an option. For those of you jetting off or road tripping to the ocean: Have the time of your life! 

I love packing for the beach because you can fit so many things in a very small suitcase! A few pairs of shorts, a handful of adorable sundresses, your cutest sandals and every bathing suit you own and you're ready to go! I've been loving floppy hats lately and think they're a beach-must for avoiding sun burns and looking chic! Also, these rose gold sunglasses are only $12! If you lose them in the ocean your life won't be over, but you'll still get that Dior metallic look without breaking the bank!

Make sure to pack some sunscreen and treat yourself to some Evian spray! It might seem a little unnecessary in the checkout line, but you'll love yourself later when you're sitting on the beach and have a way to refresh your skin!

Have a fun and safe spring break!!

Check back on Friday for my Spring Break Ski trip must-haves!! 

Love you lots,

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