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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Clothing Haul!!

Carmen Floral Skirt (Sold Out, Similar) || 
Ten Sixty Sherman Sweatshirt (Sold Out, Similar) || 
Bobeau Slub Tee (More sizes) || Daniel Rainn Dress ||

It's time to refresh my spring wardrobe and I wanted a few new fun things to work with! I can't wait to wear all of these. I promise there will be an outfit post for each one!

I spent a ton of time clicking through the pages of Nordstrom Rack until I found the exact pieces that would fit in with what I already have in my spring closet. Now I'm not saying any of these pieces are basics, because the colors and patterns are just too loud for that (except maybe the white top).

My mom taught me a very valuable shopping rule a while ago, "Only purchase things that you know you can make three different outfits with, with pieces you already own." (maybe not the exact quote) I might have broken that rule with the short scalloped skirt, but for everything else I know that I can pair them with clothes I already have. And I'm pretty sure I can make the skirt work, too!

 I wish I had endless space in my closet and an endless budget, but you have to make each of your clothes earn their spot in your wardrobe! Wearing something one time and never looking at it again is simply not an option. We aren't all Blair Waldorf ... unfortunately.

Let me know what piece was your favorite! I'd love to hear what you're shopping for this spring, as well! Any particular pieces you've been hunting down?

Love you lots,

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