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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Churro Cupcakes, anyone?

Like I mentioned in a past post it is Fiesta in San Antonio. One of my favorite parts of Fiesta is the gordita stands! They cost a ton of tickets, but they are so worth it! So since I won't be home this year for the celebration I decided to attempt making my own! Plus, unlike the ones I'm used to these aren't fried so I ate it without feeling too guilty! And it totally fixed my cravings and helped a bit with the home sickness from not being there.

As a general rule I don't like beans, especially refried beans. BUT I love Mexican rice! So for this feast I skipped the beans altogether and tried out a riced cauliflower recipe. I made chicken fried rice with cauliflower last week and I thought it was a great alternative to the real thing. So this week I continued the cauliflower trend and made some delicious Mexican rice! It turned out great and if you're vegan, vegetarian or watching your carb intake it's perfect!!

Another Fiesta-must is the churro! I am not a huge fan of churros, but then again if I'm baking it's likely that I'm making it for someone else. KB LOOVES churros, so I wanted to include them somehow in this feast! Since my go-to baked good is the faithful cupcake I decided to combine them. So if you're ever wondering what would happen if a cupcake and a churro (plus, the caramel dipping sauce) had a baby, this is your answer! Warning: they're rich!

Viva Fiesta! 

Love you lots,

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