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Monday, April 25, 2016

Playoffs: Round One

If you didn't know, I am a huge Spurs fans. I grew up going to the games and now that I'm in California, I get updates sent straight to my phone every quarter. Of course, I watch as many games as possible, but sometimes that Spurs app comes in handy!

Now living in the Bay Area I'm surrounded by Warriors fans like Matt. I'm ok with it though, I grew up in the middle of Texas chanting "Boomer Sooner." So I guess I'm used to hostile territory. To celebrate the playoffs and both of our teams winning in round one (something we didn't know when we filmed this video, but highly suspected) we donned our team colors and came up with a crazy tough basketball workout. Seriously, my calves are still sore (and no that isn't a basketball pun)!!!!

Until last month I was on a co-ed basketball team in Napa. I love playing and I'm going to make sure to continue doing this workout so that when I play again in the fall I'll be ready!

Love you lots,

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