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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Grace & Style by Grace Helbig

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Grace Helbig wrote a second book and there was no way I wasn't adding it to my shelf! (And it's a signed edition!!) Plus, this one was about fashion and style so there was no way I could pass it up! As I mentioned in my review of her first book, Grace's Guide, I love the way she dresses in the photos! Of course, if you've seen any of Grace's videos or if you happened to read her last book you'd know that a lot of the advice is, well, a joke. It's not that it isn't helpful, but it's all meant to be a little goofy. It's a laugh-at-yourself-for-getting-so worked-up-about-the-state-of-your-closet thing.

The book is broken up into sections and has so much content in it! There's quotes from Grace's mom (which I loved), anecdotes from her tween years (shoutout to Limited Too), and a diary from the point of view of a pair of her sweatpants. In all honesty, I was super unsure about the sweatpant thing, but by the end it had really grown on me. So stick with it all the way until the last entry!

I think I might have enjoyed Grace's Guide a bit more than this second book, but mostly because of all the "how to be a grownup" content. As a 23-year-old seeing that other people everywhere are struggling with the same stuff made me laugh. It's comical when you think of all the trivial stuff we worry about and Grace does an amazing job at bringing that to light.

My favorite part of this book was Grace's message of self-love. She starts off right at the beginning talking about her eating disorder when she was younger. Like most women I've met she's struggled with self image. It's comforting to see someone that comes off so confident, someone who's willing to be goofy on camera and on the internet, and someone who so many people look up to has also struggled with body image. The main thing I'm taking away from this book is definitely to wear what you like, wear it with pride and to love yourself in your clothes, but more importantly in your skin.

I'm so glad Grace wrote another book. I'm also glad to know that I'm not the only one with too many black and white striped shirts!

Love you lots,

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