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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Grace's Guide By Grace Helbig

*Psst* Click the picture to find a copy

This was an Amazon impulse buy and thank the book gods for guiding me to proceed with checkout. I heard about this book from a few people on YouTube and decided that I should check it out. I think this book is perfect for recent grads (people are graduating soon and you need to buy them presents) and twenty-somethings in general because Grace basically lays out the craziness that we millennials are dealing with. And if that’s not enough for you, she makes a lot of poop jokes.

Her advice is clever and often pretty on point. The anecdotes she chose are really relatable, like that time you didn’t want to go to a party because there would be people there. Or that time you ended up going to the party and then had to do the walk of shame home (there’s a whole chapter dedicated to this one, you little minx).  Or that time you realized you had no idea how to cook and you don’t have campus dining to sustain your growling belly. OK, so to be honest I think the only part of the book I didn’t enjoy was the recipe section, because while entertaining it gave me a stomach ache just thinking about Hot Dog Salad. But if you’re an adventurous foodie, go for it!

Whoever designed this book deserves a gold star because it’s fun and happy, and with full page photos of Grace doing funny things, it seems more like a magazine than a book. Lots of listicles and bullet points are in your future, if you choose to take my advice and get a copy for yourself.

Also, I love most of the outfits that Grace wears in the photographs throughout the different chapters. Can someone with a lot of free time buy the book, look at her outfits and compile a list of where they came from and THEN how I can get them in my closet? Just a thought. I mean StealherStyle does it to Taylor Swift all the time, now it’s your turn. I believe in you! 

Buy this book, laugh out loud sitting alone in a room and then use it as a coffee table book to share your newfound knowledge of the twenty-something lifestyle with your friends.

Four out of five owls for Grace!

Love you lots,

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