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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Heiresses By Sara Shepard

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I read the first eight Pretty Little Liars books and I never miss an episode of PLL (mostly because I stream them once they are on, but hey, no one is perfect). When I discovered The Heiresses on the shelf at Barnes and Noble, I was so excited that Sara Shepard had started a new series. This one's about adult women who are cousins, heiresses to a jewelry fortune and are slowly turning up murdered one by one. It’s PLL for grownups, or people like me who pretend to be a grownup. (I drank my coffee black while reading this book and paid my water bill, so I think I pass the grownup test … for today.)

Unfortunately, I had a few other books on my shelf that I needed to read and didn’t buy it that first day. Then when I went back to buy it, I tried over and over and over at multiple locations but they were sold out for all eternity. So I got crafty, pulled out my phone, ordered a copy with my Amazon app and had it two days later. It was a used library copy from a place called Glencoe. (Google says that’s in Illinois.) I obviously didn’t pay attention to the listing when I hit that helpful little “Buy with one click” button.

But the book was all that I wanted it to be. To be honest, the writing wasn’t as great as I remember it being for the PLL series, but I also read those almost six years ago, so maybe I wasn’t paying that much attention. There are a lot of characters to keep track of and because it’s a book about a giant, insanely wealthy family and you are trying to catch a murderer, the names and relations are kind of important. Which is why there’s a family tree in the front! Surprise! Sara Shepard threw us a bone and made our lives that much easier! I referenced it a few times.

I thought I knew the ending and the killer's identity a few times, but it really took until right before the big reveal before I was sure "whodunit." The book ends with a cliffhanger, so I am assuming a sequel is on its way. I will be buying the second book and I am sure it will be just as fun as the first.

Bonus: Take this book on a trip, like to the beach. It’s a perfect airplane/beach book. I read the whole thing in one weekend, traveling to my parents' house for a three-day vacation. 

And The Heiresses receives three out of five owls!

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