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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Destination: Solvang

A weekend getaway with K is in high demand, so while this weekend was technically work-related, I planned to have some fun. From my Google searching and questioning of some native Californians, I deduced that Solvang is a tourist trap, decorated to look like an old Danish town. Google images was helpful in telling me that there are MULTIPLE windmills because they're cute decoration, and piles on piles of pastries. Also, a year-round Christmas store (which we actually never entered).

It's finally warm outside and I was so ready to break out some of the shorts I'd been buying and storing away like a squirrel all winter. *Note to self: Pack elastic waistbands because...pastries*

Day 1: We took the long way down the coast on Highway 1 so that we could see some sites along the way. First stop was Starbucks and CVS because caffeine and nail polish are obviously necessities and I had neither. So one venti dirty soy chai latte and a bottle of Malibu Beach Miracle Gel later we were back on the road and headed to pick our own strawberries at Swanton Farm. We also got the best strawberry lemonade ever!

Shorts: francesca's (Love these), Belt: J. Crew, Shirt: Olive and Oak (I bought this at Nordstrom last year, but there are some similar styles that I love: herehere & here), Watch: Michael Kors, Sunnies: Kate Spade (wrong color, I own Tortoise)
We finally got to our hotel, which was adorable, after being stuck in traffic FOREVER. Apparently, when a Ford Focus barely rear ends a Prius, all hell breaks loose. Therefore, day one came to an end with a Subway sandwich and some peanut butter M&M's (Reese's Pieces win).

Day 2: The day we got to explore the town. After a giant cinnamon roll and some black coffee, we set out to explore the tiny, tiny main street of Solvang. It was a jeans and floral shirt day because I wanted to wear comfy shoes for all the walking. Joke was on me! My shoes destroyed the back of my feet. Blister city, ticket for one, please! I got this shirt from my first StitchFix box and was so excited because I had been looking forever for a cute floral top and then it just arrived on my doorstep.

After seeing the tourist part of the town (we chose not to wander into the residential neighborhoods because that's just rude), we hopped in the car and headed to the beach in Santa Barbara. And because I packed too fast, I forgot shorts that I could wear to the beach. Oh well, shopping trip? Yes! A quick trip to Forever 21 and Marshall's yielded two new pairs of colored shorts, a Keith Haring printed sweatshirt and a white sweater. We watched the sunset on the beach, and when the temperature dipped below 68 degrees and I was freezing and had run out of Polaroid film, we drove back to our quaint Danish village.

Pants: Levi's, Shirt: StitchFix (It's called the Sweet Rain Issac Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse and here are some similar styles: here & here), Watch: Michael Kors, Sunnies: Kate Spade, Shorts: Forever 21, Shoes: Random Marshall's find (for a mint green shoe try these instead: Sandal, Laser-Cut Flat, Ballet Flat)
Day 3: The last day in Solvang. This day goes down in history because it's the day that I decided to enter the confusing world of the Romper. I'd been skeptical. For a few years I've laughed at the romper, I've avoided trying one on, and I refused to give in to this strange onsie craze, but the fashion industry and a BOGO sale at Francesca's changed my mind. And let me just tell you that I AM SO ON BOARD! It was really chilly (71 degrees) outside, so I had to cover up with a denim jacket, but when summer comes, the coral color is going to show off my awesome tan and look super cute at the same time.

Romper: francesca's, Jacket: Gap,  Nail Polish: Miracle Gel, Necklace: Charming Charlie's, Shoes: Target
Day 4: The day we left Solvang and headed back to NorCal. I channeled my inner Taylor Swift and rocked some gingham high-waisted shorts for the drive back. I was also so excited because I got to wear my new monogram ring, which came in the mail right before we left town. I had been wearing mostly gold jewelry the rest of the trip, so on this day I made sure to plan my accessories around the ring. The events of the day can be summed up in four words: Castles. Elephant seals. Sunsets.

After touring Hearst Castle and adding "swim in the Neptune pool" to my bucket list, we drove another five minutes to elephant seal beach. We ended our last day watching the sunset over Pebble Beach.

Shorts: TOPSHOP, Shirt: Old Navy (This shirt is old, but here are some similar styles that I love: herehere & here),
Ring: Marley Lilly Watch: 
Michael Kors, Sunnies: Kate Spade
The whole weekend was a blast and I loved getting to try out a few pieces of my new spring wardrobe. I am officially on the hunt for more rompers and I've realized that I really need to invest in some new tops. I guess that just means another shopping trip!

Until next time, go spread some sunlight!

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