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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Starting a New Adventure

Hi, and welcome to Magnolias and Sunlight, my brand new blog! 

I know I’m wayyy late to the party and millions of blogs already exist online, but I’ve always been one to make a grand entrance. Plus, the best thing about the Internet is that there’s always room for one more person to carve her own little space. (A trick I wish my closet possessed.) 

After recently graduating college, taking a job in a field I’m not terribly interested in and moving cross-country, I’ve found myself feeling a little bit lost. So my way of solving those problems was to create Magnolias and Sunlight to give myself the creative outlet that I’ve been craving.

My plan was always to work in the fashion industry or at a lifestyle magazine. Obviously, that didn’t happen (or hasn’t happened yet), but I’ve found a way to combine all the things I love – fashion, crafting, books and baking – in one place.

This is a home to share what inspires me, the new trends I’m trying out, the products I love, and my daily life. The domain has been purchased, logos have been designed, social medias have been established, so let’s do this and have some fun!

Go out and spread some sunlight today!


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