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Friday, July 24, 2015

A few favorites!

So sometimes I take pictures of outfits with the intent to do an outfit post, but then all of the pieces aren't available or I just get sidetracked and it never gets posted. This morning while I was scrolling through my phone I picked out four outfits that I really liked and decided to post them here. Some made appearances on my Instagram, but not all of them! I have linked a bunch of similar stuff underneath each outfit (and tried to keep the same brand or price range!), so you can recreate the look if you like it! 

Hope you all have a lovely, sunlight-filled day! 

Love you bunches, 

Shorts (similar) || Shirt || Shoes || Sunnies

Black Dress (similar, similar, similar) || Shoes || Sunnies 

Pen (All-time favorite pen!) || Revlon || EOS || Rose Mints (SOOO tasty!)

Shorts (similar, similar, similar) || Tank || Shoes (similar, similar, similar) || Necklaces || 
Sunnies (Nasty Gal Dupes, but here's the Prada ones) (also love these, these & these) || 


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