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Thursday, July 16, 2015

BYOB: The best gift to give!

It was my best friend's birthday and I wanted to send him something that I know would brighten his day. This was filmed forever ago, but I wanted to wait until Bryan got the gift before I posted it and ruined the surprise. I love giving this gift for so many reasons, but mostly because it's so customizable! I made one for my mom back in May and put in a Danielle Steele book, her favorite spicy trail mix, but in a cute tote bag from Target! The possibilities are endless! 

Plus, it's like that trend of wrapping presents in scarves instead of paper, unlike a gift basket they'll actually use the bag you give the gift in! 

I also forgot to add a card in the bag, that might be a nice thing to add! I sent it in the mail separately...

What you'll need: 

Stencil it on with a pencil: 

Take a deep breath, use a steady hand and fill it in: 

Add your pop of color or other designs: 

Spread some sunlight on someone you love and make them a BYOB (Yes, I know beach bag is two words)! 

Love you bunches, 
P.S. Bryan loved it!

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