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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gray Skies and Gray Boots!

I'm a sucker for monograms and initial products so when I saw that this blanket wrap was on sale I couldn't help myself! I love wearing light gray! Even though I paired it with my favorite white tunic, gray can be paired with so many colors! My favorite combination that I've seen recently was a powder pink sweater paired with all gray accessories! It's currently my favorite neutral.

This season I fell in love with this style of boots. Obviously, the way to go is a pair of Stuart Weitzman, but if you can't drop $700 on one pair of boots Ivanka Trump came out with a great dupe!! Plus, when I finally got around to adding them to my closet I found them for under $70!!! I plan to wear these well into the spring! Plus, I am so excited to find tons of ways to style them. The quality isn't the same, but for that kind of savings I'm happy to get the same look for less! Maybe next season I'll splurge on a real pair!

It's cloudy again here in Napa, but that's all the more reason to spread some sunlight today!

Love you lots,

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