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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Great Office Makeover!!

It has taken forever to finish decorating my house. When you move into an actual house with nothing, but 100 pairs of shoes, a chair and a tiny bookshelf, furnishing the rest of the space can get a little expensive. Now that the majority of the house is taken care of I want to focus on the office space. 

At the moment that room stresses me out BIG TIME. It's the storage room, the file cabinet, the junk drawer of the house. I keep the door closed because it throws my OCD-self into a spinning anxiety attack. So this year I want to create my dream office space. I want to increase my productivity and have a beautiful space to create! 

So I've created my vision board to share with you!

White, clean lines and touch of metallics to mix it up a bit! Lot's of pillows and blankets to create a softness in contrast to the marble and metal. Plus, then I can cuddle up and read a book in between projects! Maybe even a place to take a tiny nap after staring into my computer screen for hours. 

Then I wouldn't create a space without some greenery. I am kind of terrible at keeping really plants alive, so I've always wanted a fig tree. I've heard that they are great indoor plants and they are super low maintenance! Everything else will be happy and plastic and therefore always alive! 

Love you lots, 

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