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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Workout Gear On a Budget!

Everyone wants to start the year of right and usually that means working out more. So obviously you need to stock up on some really cute workout clothes to motivate you to hit the gym! Believe me I totally understand! It makes perfect sense!

I've noticed that the stores have kind of figured this out too and the prices on new workout gear (especially the cute stuff) can be insanely expensive! And a lot of the really great stuff is left out of the after-Christmas sales. I am obsessed with workout clothing and I know how much you can spend on one pair of leggings and a new set of kicks. It's painful!

So, I wandered over to Net-A-Porter and the sale section for activewear is pretty great right now. I do apologize if some of this is sold out because things are going pretty fast. I made sure that everything had multiple sizes when I posted, promise!! Even if you can't find your size in one thing take a look through the whole section because I promise you'll find a hidden "gym." 

Love you lots,

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