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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Perfect Rainy Day!

So it's supposed to rain ALL weekend here in Napa and I know a large majority of the East Coast is getting huge snowstorms! That means it looks like we are all stuck inside this weekend...

We could be responsible and organize something, catch up on all of our laundry, meal prep for the week ahead. Orrrrrr you could plan the most amazing movie marathon to curl up on the couch with and RELAX! I've never really planned a movie marathon before, it kind of just happens clicking through Netflix. This weekend, however, I'm doing it right and planning it all out!

Pick your movies! Are you super ambitious and want to tackle the whole Harry Potter Series? Or would you rather pick an actor? I think an Anne Hathaway marathon would be so much fun (Princess Diaries (1&2), Devil Wears Prada, Bride Wars)! Or maybe even a Reese Witherspoon compilation (Both Legally Blondes, Sweet Home Alabama, Water for Elephants, This Means War)!

Now, how are you going to watch them? Redbox, Netflix, Amazon Prime? The last thing you want is to spend an hour in between the movies figuring out how to watch the movie you're planning on.

Reese's Pieces || Quinn Popcorn (I found it at Homegoods!) ||
Popping Corn || Air Popper || Graham Crackers || Nutella || Gummy Bears ||

Every movie marathon needs snacks! My favorite snack in the world is popcorn! It might be a little cliché, but movies need popcorn! If you love popcorn as much as I do, I would totally invest in an air popper. You can make a lot of popcorn and you can make it a lot healthier. Bags of popcorn with fake butter and chemicals can totally ruin your healthy routine (not that Reese's Pieces and Gummy Bears are going to help either). With air popped popcorn made on your own you can a little sea salt and have a great treat with much less sodium and fat! If you want a cheat snack, though, a little Nutella on a graham cracker is one of my favorites!

Nail Polish || Nail Kit || Ocean Coloring Book || Colored Pencils ||
Milk Bar Cookie Mix || Measuring Cups || Measuring Spoons ||
AvoBath Bomb || Shower Scrub || Peppermint Foot Cream ||

I am wayyyyy to hyper to sit still for an entire movie marathon. Plus, I would feel a little guilty at the end of the day if all I did was sit on the couch. So while watching my plethora of chick flicks I'm going to give myself a manicure! I have been obsessed with this light pink Deborah Lippmann polish!! I also scored this Lost Ocean coloring book on sale at Anthropologie, so I plan to destress with a bit of coloring in!

Then I recommend having something to do in between movies to break it up a bit and give your legs a second to stretch out! Target sells Milk Bar products and if you've ever had one of their cookies you'll know how exciting this is! Take a break and pop some cookies in the oven. Baking is super relaxing to me and you get a delicious treat afterwards. Plus, your house will smell amazing!

So now that your nails are done and your sweet tooth is satisfied it's time to pamper yourself! Before you queue up the last movie make yourself a bath, use your favorite bath bomb, exfoliate and throw on a sheet mask! It's the last step of totally decompressing and relaxing!

I hope you are staying safe in all this crazy weather! Take advantage of being stuck indoors and have some fun! Don't forget to spread a little sunlight today!

Love you lots,

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