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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Christmas Sweater!

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 I bought this sweater about a month ago, but didn't find the chance to actually wear it until today... in the Texas heat... it was 80 degrees. I've been wrapping presents, drinking hot Starbucks in a red cup and wearing this sweater to go Christmas shopping in an attempt to feel Christmas-y in the crazy heat. Let me tell you, it didn't work as well as I planned. I just felt like I was melting like Frosty. 

However, I love this sweater and will definitely wear it skiing or at least to the mountains. It's a holiday sweater without being too gaudy. I am happy to wear this one out in public without feeling like I am trying to be ironic in an ugly sweater. But, I also love it because I can wear it after Christmas and just say that it's winter fashion!

Time to go wrap all of the presents! I just have to find the tape...

Love you lots, 

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