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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas in Union Square!

Union Square in San Francisco is one of the prettiest places when it's decorated for the holidays! The last time I was there I was running a half marathon! This year I was adamant about going to walk around in the Christmas lights and by the ice skating rink! I really wanted to ice skate, but was a little too afraid of falling down in my skirt... Also, there were a lot of people waiting. So maybe we will go back after the holidays when it's quieter and there aren't as many people to run into. 

I own this skirt in blue and in cranberry and I absolutely love it! I layer it with my favorite pair of tights and although it's a skirt I stay really warm. I know Spanx aren't the most comfortable thing, but the color of these tights is so great that I wear them all the time despite the control top. 

I also love a good quilted coat, it looks like Burberry or Barbour, but costs much less. I bought this one earlier this year and the green isn't available right now, but this Ralph Lauren one is really similar. It's a structured and classy look that keeps you really warm!

Love you lots, 

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