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Saturday, December 19, 2015

DIY: Christmas Pajamas!

DIY Shirt (scroll down) || Gap Leggings || L.L. Bean Moccasins || 

Every Christmas Eve my brother and I are allowed to open one present. For a really long time the excitement of what that one early present could be was consumed me and I would be surprised every year, even though it was always Christmas pajamas. I think she did it so we looked cute in all the Christmas morning photos (fleece onsies were a theme 7 years ago). Now it is one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I look forward to a new warm pair of pajamas all day on Christmas Eve.

I saw similar tunics to this one on Instagram a lot recently and thought, "I can make that." So for the tunic on Amazon and some gold paint (I already had that), I got to work and created this super cozy and adorable reindeer pajama top! You could totally wear it on it's own because it's so long, but I get really cold so I paired it with some printed leggings!

Ready to make your own?
This is the white tunic that I used!

This would be a great present for your girls! Nothing is more insta-worthy than matching Christmas pajamas and your squad!

Love you lots,

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