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Sunday, December 27, 2015

All the Shoes!

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Have you ever had those years when all of your gifts are a variation of the same thing? Like all sweaters or clothes? Well this was the year of the shoes! And let me tell you I was not complaining! 

So this Christmas I received quite a few pairs of shoes. I am a shoe fanatic, so you could say I was a little more than excited! Don't freak out, though, these weren't all Christmas presents. I purchased the pink ones at the beginning of the month Cyber Monday shopping and the tall brown boots were re-gifted to me after they didn't fit my mom. 

The Tory Burch pairs (booties and flats), the amazing Nike Flyknits, and the sandals were all Christmas gifts and I've been wearing them all since I opened them! I was so thankful to my family for all my amazing gifts and my stylish Mama made sure I was stocked up! The sandals and flats are coming with me this week to Miami! I can't wait to get near a beach again and wear sandals! Pedicure here I come!

Then! I went to the mall yesterday and the Nine West stores in San Antonio are closing their doors to focus on online shopping. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is on sale! I got three pairs (black booties, patent flats and black pumps) for the original price of one pair of shoes! I spent less than $90. So if you are in the area RUN to the mall and see what's left in your size! 

My feet are so happy! 

Love you lots!!

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