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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Tree Shopping!

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! Over the weekend there was only one thing that I wanted to do and that, my friends, was to pick out a Christmas tree! I love decorating my tree, but better than that I love walking into the house and having it smell like pine! There isn't a scent out there that I love more than a real Christmas tree! It's seriously the best!!

I also took this chance to wear my new duck boots! A few weeks ago when I was in the mountains I quickly realized that I didn't own a single pair of shoes that would keep my feet dry in the snow. I mean I am a Texas girl after all! 

My immediate thought was to get a pair of Navy L.L. Bean duck boots, but they are backordered until spring and wouldn't really help my situation. Then I stumbled on these Hunter green Sperry ones while I was Black Friday shopping and now they are in my closet! I really recommend them! Plus, the Christmas tree farm was super muddy so they were perfect! 

Do you get a real tree or prefer artificial? 

Love you lots, 

1 comment:

  1. Reading this almost makes me wish it was Christmas time again... almost! Haha. Bring on the summer already :)

    Sarah | The Tree Center