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Thursday, December 24, 2015

DIY: Christmas Pillows

Need one last gift? These are great and easy to make! You can paint them, let them dry this evening and then slap a bow on them in the morning! Merry Christmas! 

I made fall versions of these for Halloween and Thanksgiving and people loved them, so I knew I had to make some for Christmas! I made these stencils (links further down), grabbed some gold paint and I got to work. I started these in California and brought them to Texas to finish up the painting. Now my mom has fallen in love with them so I gifted them to her for her Christmas decor. I'll make some for my house next year!!

Time to get crafting!!

I made a full length video a few months ago about how to make these pillows. And instead of making the exact same video twice and boring you all, I will link the video here and you can follow the steps, but replace the stencils!! 

Here are the four new stencils for you to print and use!

Hope this last minute DIY helps with your Christmas gifting! Merry Christmas! 

Love you lots, 

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