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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What's in My Beach Bag?

The count down has begun! I am headed to the beach for Fourth of July weekend in three days! It's time to pack my beach bag and head to the ocean for a three full days of sand, sun and salt! 

I have a few must haves that I always toss into my bag for a trip to the beach or the pool. I always read when I am on vacation. I only put one book on the post, but it isn't uncommon to find two or three in the bottom of my bag! I also always have a magazine or two to read. I always love People StyleWatch, but often grab Glamour, InStyle and Lucky, too! Plus, I throw in my iPod and some headphones so that I can REALLY zone out and relax.

Sun protection is so important to have in your bag! I always have my tanning lotion, sun screen and aloe with me! I also love Zinka or any Zinc Oxide products. There will be no sun getting through if you use it, basically a guaranteed sunburn-free product! I watched my mom use Zinka on her lips growing up. It's a great way to have a lip color on at the beach and protect that super sensitive skin! I also make sure to have EOS with me to protect from any chapping! 

So grab your towel, a water bottle and your bag!

Hope you all are excited for you weekend plans! Take advantage of the sunlight!

Lots of love, 

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