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Monday, June 1, 2015

Box it out! Monday with Matt!!

Happy Monday lovelies! Here's a super short and effective cardio workout for when exercise just doesn't fit into your busy socialite schedule!

I have to apologize because while I was talking to you, I lost count in my head for a lot of the exercises! I have to work on that!! But don't worry we tell you exactly what to do, so enjoy the extra reps and please accept my apology.

Cardio doesn't always mean needing a treadmill or an elliptical! Run through these exercises three times and you'll break a sweat, get your heart rate up and never have to leave the house!

Don't forget to stretch and drink water!

Let me know you have any fitness questions! Matt and I will make sure to answer them!

Make some time for yourself today and don't forget to spread some sunlight!

Lots of love,

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