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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Unboxing Summer!

I love getting home to find a new PopSugar Must Have box on my doorstep! I have been a subscriber for almost a year now and I still get pumped every time a new box shows up! It's like a little secret present that I buy for myself.

Most recently I got the Special Edition Summer box! This was definitely one of my favorite boxes so far! The special edition boxes are always more pricey than the regular monthly box, but they're so worth it because the products you get are also more expensive!

Unfortunately, the Special Edition box is sold out, but here are all the products from this video!
The Cuff: I am in love with Kendra Scott. I think most people are! Her jewelry is so cute and fun just like this cuff. I love PopSugar boxes for this reason exactly! Never would I have thought about buying this bracelet, I would have thought it was too big, but since it was in the box, I gave it chance and LOVE IT! Plus, the silver version is really cute, too!

The Honey: I can't wait to break into this delicious-looking honey! I love starting my day with warm water with lemon and honey. Yes, yes it's made for cheese. I'll have KB create a summer cheese plate, we'll have over a few friends and they can enjoy it to! Plus, now I have a honey dipper that I couldn't be more excited about!

Shimmer Oil: No one can deny the desire for the perfect summer glow! This product really seems to enhance my tan (it's still a work in progress). I think this will definitely be a special occasion product for dinner dates and summer cocktail parties, but I am excited to get some more use out of it! I recommend pumping the product directly to the place you want it to go and then rub it in. I noticed a lot stayed on my hands and was washed off. There's also a travel size available!!

Beach Paddles: I love sports and spending time outside during the summer is the best way to enjoy an evening or weekend. Next time I have people over I'm definitely breaking these out for a backyard competition. (Can you tell I'm competitive?) I also am really excited about how flat these will pack and how light weight they are, perfect to put in my luggage for a trip to the beach! Sunnylife also sells the inflatable flamingo I've been obsessed with!

The Tray: I am so in love with this tray! I love buying glass trays to put all over the house because they're so cute, add color and keep clutter at bay. The saying on this one is adorable and the color works with my decor perfectly! It's the perfect summer addition to my home! According to the website, there aren't many left so if you love it like I do act fast!
The Gigantic Beach Bag: This is going to become my summer carryall! I'm taking it to the pool, the beach and everywhere else! It has so much room in it! I haven't tried to pack it yet, but I bet I can fit all my summer essentials, a change of clothes and even more! I just have to make sure I don't let it get too heavy! I love the stripe and the color because it's so summery and is the perfect nautical accent for any beach trip look!

Like I said, I get the monthly boxes from PopSugar, so there should be a June box arriving very soon :) I am currently not sponsored by PopSugar, I just really love the product and wanted to share with you guys! If you're interested check out the monthly boxes and the Special Edition Must Have Boxes on their website.

Happy summer time to you all! Make sure you spread some sunlight today!

Lots of love,

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