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Monday, June 29, 2015

Shopping in your Undies!

Having the perfect wardrobe every morning you wake up is impossible. You can have the most amazing closet, full of the most in-style pieces and you will still wake up and think,

Then if you’re like me you will want to go shopping to find new pieces that inspire you, only to come home and have to try and fit your new finds in an already overflowing wardrobe.

I’ve been having this problem a lot recently. Especially since starting the blog, I’ve felt like there always has to be something new in my closet that I can post about. Even before the blog, there were times when I saw something online and would decide my closet wouldn’t be complete without it. Closet envy is a real thing and can really ruin your day. 

I am here to tell you that none of this is a realistic way to maintain your ‘actual’ style needs or for the upkeep of your bank account! Plus, even Anna Wintour rewears clothing. You bought the things that are hanging in your closet right now because you loved them at one time (or they were a horrible gift, in which case see step three). All you have to do is find new ways to wear them and bring that spark of joy back into getting dressed. It will be like a great shopping day and you'll never have to put on your pants. Yes, I know online shopping achieves the same thing, but now you aren't spending money!!

Here is how to shop your closet:

1. Make your bed

This is the best surface to compile new outfits, not only will it put you in a productive mindset, a made bed will make it easier to lay things flat and mix and match outfits.

2. Sale Shopping

Pretend you are at the sale section in Nordstrom Rack or Marshall’s. There’s a little bit of everything and you are looking for the hidden treasures.

3. Clean it out!  

Use this as an opportunity to get rid of pieces you don’t want anymore. Like in a store, if you pick up something and think, “who would wear this?” ­— toss it. If it doesn’t fit — toss it. If you have a bad memory wearing it — toss it. Have two or three things that are REALLY similar? Pick one, toss the others. This is a great opportunity to multi-task: find new outfits and clean out your closet!


  1. If clothes are too big for you then just give them away. If they are too small then you can give them away, too, or like me you can box them up and save them as a goal. After I had knee surgery I gained a lot of weight, but I held onto a few pair of shorts and my favorite pair of jeans as a goal to work towards. It was a great feeling when my hard work paid off and I could zip them again! (Only keep a few items, not an entire wardrobe of too small items.)
  2. Clothing has the ability to hold a lot of sentimental value. If you have a memory in an outfit or piece that’s negative, you will never feel good wearing it again because you’ll have all those bad memories bringing you down. Toss these pieces out and let the sunlit-filled memories shine through.
4. Save your Favs 

Take out your favorite pieces and set them aside. You already know you love them, you wear them all the time, we will come back to them.

5. Basic Bitches 

Separate your basics (white tees, black tank tops, denim shorts) from your more interesting pieces (anything with a print, bright colors, interesting cuts.)

6. Make a Selection

Pick up a piece you’ve never worn before or only once (one with the tags still on…) I usually like to start with a statement piece because it’s a little more fun. I picked a skirt I bought from Banana Republic last year in the final sale section that I’ve never worn. Now look at your other pieces and create three outfits. This is where your favs come in! Mix your "new" item with something you wear all the time! It will make you feel comfortable, show you a new way to wear that white pocket tee and keep you from the constant outfit repeat! Or get really adventurous and pair two pieces that you've never worn!

  1. My mom has always said, “If you can’t wear a piece at least three different ways, it doesn’t deserve to be in your closet.” When you’re shopping make sure you can visualize three different ways you can wear something before swiping your credit card. This advice has helped me sooo much!
7. Log it all!

All of these pieces have been worn before. Every piece except for the blue top and the white top are over a year old. Those two tops were bought earlier this year, but are no longer available online. I forced myself to not use any new pieces and created three outfits that I've never worn before! 
Now try it all on and take a picture of each outfit you’ve created. Go for some bonus points and add in shoes, a bag and jewelry. I like to store these using Amazon Prime Photos so I can access them from my phone as a reference when I am out shopping. No more duplicates and smarter buying decisions!

8. Clean it all up

Lastly, put your closet back together in a way that makes it easy to find everything. I like to sort by type and color. (The color part doesn’t always last after a few laundry days…) Put dresses on one end, then jackets, sweaters, long sleeves, short sleeves, etc. Then I sort by the rainbow so getting dressed in the a.m. isn’t a struggle, but a stress-free start to the day!

Happy shopping!

Love you lots,


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