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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's a Party in a Box!

Yesterday when I got home this cute little box was sitting on my doorstep. One of the most amazing people I know and best friends, Sam, sent me a Packed Party for my birthday! I had never heard of a Packed Party box, but now I am obsessed and had to share just how amazing this box of goodness is!!! It's seriously just a really awesome party in a box!

When you first open it up there is metallic confetti stuffing and a cute little note from the sender! Also, when I first opened this box it smelled so good! It took everything in me to not rush through and see what was inside and pause to take pictures! It. Smelled. So. Good! And the packaging was really cute! (p.s. This is the You Pampered Thing, You box)

Then right underneath all the filling is the cutest display of all the products. And this is the point where I fell in love with this box all over again. So between last night and this morning I promptly used all five products because that's just how excited I was. 

I am a strong believer that every girl needs a super cute sleeping mask! It's a sleepover essential, great for costume/pajama parties and a lifesaver on long plane rides. Even with this philosophy I don't own one ... Sure, sure I have a gray one and a cream one that came in a spa bag, but "super cute" is really the essential part in this whole thing. I love this one it has gold polkadots, it references confetti (one of my favorite things), and the strap on the back is made of elastic ribbon so it's comfy! 

Illume makes some of my all time favorite candles (Mediterranean and Fresh Rain), plus they're always in such cute packaging you can leave them out as decoration and they're soy! So when I saw a scent I've never tried (Cactus Verde), in the cutest little tin, I rushed for a lighter. In no time at all my room smelled amazing! I hate when you light a candle and you can't smell it until you're right next to it, but this candle and all Illume candles are really able to give the entire room fragrance.

This bar of soap is the reason the box smelled so good, just like lavender! I am currently using another bar of soap and to be honest I couldn't bare ripping into the cute paper wrapped around it. So for now I am using it as a decoration and a pop of color in my guest bathroom. I love the floral print, and the stag foil logo pressed into the top!

And you can't be pampered without a few new beauty products to try! This box came with a floral scented hand cream by Love & Toast (it's made in the USA!) and a bareMinerals Pop of Passion colored Lip-Oil Balm. I have super dry hands. I work with paper all day and I wash them all the time leading to very little moisture hanging around. I always carry some kind of hand cream in my purse and this Paper Flower one has taken over! It's super thick so a little goes a long way and the smell is subtle and pretty. Don't be that person that puts on hand cream and makes the whole office smell like soap, some people don't like that person. (I've been that person..) I used this hours ago and I still feel moisturized without feeling greasy!

The lip balm in pink passion is the prettiest shade of light pink! It's a shade that I can wear every day to add a little color, when I don't feel like rocking a statement lip. It's a lip balm on top of being a color, so it also moisturizes as an added bonus! 

So I am sold on how great these boxes are to send everyone you know. They have options for every occasion so really there's no excuse to not send one out! They are affordable and in my opinion way better than sending a bouquet of flowers or an edible arrangement, but with the same easy online ordering process. 

Thank you so much Sam for making my birthday special! Thank you for being such a great friend even when we are so far apart and for introducing me to the coolest products! Love ya! 

So now it's your turn to spread some sunlight and send someone you love a Packed Party box! This box really made my day so I know it works!

Love you bunches, 

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